2014 Resolution #1

New Year’s Resolution #1: Eat good breakfasts

I’ve been slowly putting together a list of resolutions for 2014, and this is the first one that I thought of. Food would be the first thing that came to my mind, wouldn’t it? Well, eating breakfast is a relatively new thing for me, but after I started running last summer I realized it was an essential meal. On nights that I run I can’t eat a lot beforehand (stomach aches, you know), and I have very little appetite afterwards, so dinner is pretty much nonexistent. That means my breakfasts and lunches on running days need to be a little more substantial. Special K protein shakes just don’t cut it on those days! Jimmy Dean Delights frozen breakfast sandwiches have been my go-to on weekdays when I’m in a rush because I can heat one up in the microwave when I get to work. They get old kinda fast, though. When I have a little more time (usually weekends since I can’t seem to get up as early as I’d like during the week anymore) I get breakfast someplace like McDonald’s, Panera, or Corner Bakery. Egg sandwiches are my new favorite thing, but going out to get them can be annoying. So when I saw an ad for the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker I ran right out and got one! It wasn’t expensive and it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space so I’m hoping I’ll be able to use it to make delicious homemade breakfast sandwiches. I haven’t used it yet, but today I bought eggs (well, MORE eggs since I already had a bunch in the fridge for cookie baking), English muffins, ham, and cheese to give it a try tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed! And since I can’t live on egg sandwiches alone, yesterday I ordered a Cuisinart Compact Portable Blender to try my hand at homemade smoothies. I found a few recipes on Pinterest that look good, but I have a feeling it’s going to take several failed attempts before I figure out what works best for my picky taste buds. I’ll let you know how it goes. There will be some interesting experiments to share, if nothing else!