Writing prompt – Reading again

NaBloPoMo writing prompt from August 19, 2011:
Do you like paper books or e-readers?

This is quite a polarizing question for avid readers. Some people appreciate being able to carry their entire library with them in a thin Kindle or iPad, but others people swear that holding a hardback or paperback book in their hands and turning the pages is integral to the reading experience. From the arguments I’ve heard, no amount of convincing will cause anyone in either party to defect, but from what I can tell folks seem to find their way into the electronic age in time. Back when the original Kindle was introduced I was sure I’d never want one. Why would I? Holding a new book in my hands was such a magical experience, and surely downloading digital versions wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. But after I started traveling to the East Coast once month, I had to admit how convenient an e-reader would be. I even wrote about it.

“I’m beginning to think I might like one of those digital book readers. Does that make me an enemy of the printed word? I’ve just been on one too many trips with multiple books in my carry on.”
11/16/09 webpage post

So what did I unwrap on Christmas morning 2009? A Kindle! It was a 2nd generation Kindle – simple, elegant, and fantastic. I fell in love with my portable electronic library as soon as I started reading on it. I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread! (I had a similar experience when I got my first iPod – I didn’t think I’d ever really want one, but once I had one I didn’t know how I’d lived without it.) Over the years that Kindle went everywhere with me – from the car dealer (for use during long service appointments) to cross-country flights (mostly business trips, I admit). It was wonderful to be able to read whatever I was in the mood for at the moment. And despite warnings that electronic books were going to end up being more expensive than hardbacks or paperbacks, they remained the more cost-effective (and clutter-free) option. Unfortunately last month I noticed that the battery on my beloved Kindle was draining very quickly, even after I’d just finished charging it. I was resigned to replace it. After some debate my parents gave my an iPad Mini for Christmas that is not only perfect for reading (Kindle app, of course), but also for web browsing and Netflix watching. It’ll be great when I travel. I know this has been a long-winded explanation, but I hope it adequately expressed my preference for e-readers. I’ve been exclusively buying digital books for over four years (starting 12/26/09 – I checked!) and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. If that makes me an “enemy of the printed word,” so be it!