Writing prompt – Favorite author

NaBloPoMo writing prompt from August 1, 2012:
Who is your favorite author?

To start with I am a big fan of the greats – Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte, Thomas Hardy, etc. I’ve read as many classics as I can get my hands on (mostly thanks to the Paperback Rack used book store in Tallahassee), and I count A Tale of Two Cities as one of my all-time favorite books, but I have to admit that I love YA (Young Adult) fiction. A few days ago I ran across a quote from one of my favorite YA authors, Cassandra Clare. It wasn’t a quote from one of her eight bestselling novels, although I’ve read them all (and I’m looking forward to the next one that’s coming out in March), but from her Live Journal back in the day. When I first discovered Cassie Clare she was writing Harry Potter fan fiction and working on her first book. I devoured every chapter of her Harry Potter fan fiction epic and I was really sad when it was over. (If you’re interested it’s called the Draco Trilogy and it’s archived all over the internet so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.) But besides her fictional creations, reading her blog was just as enjoyable. Especially when she reviewed a newly released Harry Potter book or movie. Her writing was like the text-based version of observational humor. Incredibly hilarious. Unfortunately I can’t find some of her older posts (her LJ account from back then no longer exists), which is a shame because she wrote a fantastic review of the “Goblet of Fire” movie. Luckily I copied a few of my favorites over the years and I still get a kick out of reading them now.

“I suspect the assumption with the filmmakers is that everyone who sees the movie has read the books. Even POA, which I think is the best of the films, left out crucial bits of exposition (‘Harry, your father was a stag Animagus’), leaving Harry to assume, I suppose, that he is magically protected by Merrill Lynch.”
Review of “Goblet of Fire” film

“The other great lesson I took away from this was that it is in fact impossible to get out of going to a wedding you have been invited to, even if you do not want to attend because you have to save the world instead.”
Review of Half-Blood Prince book

“There maybe were one or two too many back-and-forths where Harry suddenly pops into Voldemort’s head. I kept waiting for Harry to check in on Voldemort and discovering him going to the bathroom, or perhaps adding to his vast Beanie Baby collection in a local trinket store.”
Review of Deathly Hallows book