Foodie Friday – Chocolate chip cookies #41

Chocolate chip cookies #41: Based on Two Peas and Their Pod’s Chocolate Chip Shortbread. Baked on 11/24/13 (and again on 2/1/14).

There is nothing simpler than a shortbread cookie – crispy, buttery, and delicious. So what do you get when you add some chocolate chips? Tasty chocolate chip shortbread cookies, of course! I’ve found several different recipes for chocolate chip shortbread, but the recipe I picked to try first was by far the simplest. Butter, white sugar, vanilla, flour, salt, and chocolate chips. No eggs or leavening ingredients. The first time I made these (for Thanksgiving) I swapped the chocolate chips for red and green sprinkles to make them seasonally appropriate, but when I baked them for the Super Bowl party last weekend I used mini chocolate chips (and took the above photo). I think there might be a bit too much flour in this recipe, but they were still really good. I’m going to try a couple more chocolate chip shortbread cookies and see if I can make some improvements, but this batch was still really well received by the Super Bowl partygoers on Sunday and my co-workers on Monday!