My latest purchase

Take a look at my awesome new 40″ television! I bought it yesterday, set it up, and promptly turned the most recent episode of “Downton Abbey.” I even took this picture during a rare smile from Lady Mary. It was fantastic. Then I tested the “smart” function of the TV and watched the beginning of “Mulan” on Netflix. Not having to go through my Blu-ray player to watch Netflix content is great. Up until now it’s been easier to use my iPad, but with a Netflix button right on the TV remote control it couldn’t get much simpler now! I love it. Tonight when I got home from work I flipped on the Olympics so I could watch while cleaning my kitchen (my parents are arriving on Saturday – cleaning is a necessary evil). I just wanted to see the ladies figure skating short program, but of course that coverage didn’t start for another hour and a half. I washed dishes, finished my cleaning, took a shower, and got into bed before the first skater’s performance even aired. It’s not too conducive to an early bedtime. I’ll probably stay up too late watching tonight, but at least I’m entertained while writing this post! I’m going to try to go to work a little early tomorrow because I have to leave at about 11 AM to go to a doctor’s appointment. I have two pre-op appointments in preparation for my surgery on Tuesday. One of those appointments is going to involve a blood draw, which I hate, but I won’t worry about that now. I’ve got figure skating to watch!