Very busy Saturday

My parents arrived in Los Angeles today. They’re here to take care of me after my surgery on Tuesday, but until then we have some time to do fun things. When they came out for my last surgery in June they didn’t get to do anything outside of Seal Beach. I felt terrible – in more ways than one. I was in much worse shape than I expected after the procedure and that kept my parents at home with me for a full week. It was very boring because I couldn’t walk more than a couple of blocks at a time, and I was sorry that they traveled all the way across the country to do and see almost nothing. It was a shame. I didn’t want to repeat that mistake this time. Today, at least, I succeeded. The first thing I had to do this morning was go to the hospital and have more blood drawn. When I went in for my pre-op appointment on Thursday it was too far from my surgery date to do all of the tests. That meant two blood draws in three days. Fun! I had the nurse take the blood from my right arm this time since I wanted the bruises on my elbows to be symmetrical. This way I look like an equal opportunity IV drug user. After I left the hospital I drove down to the John Wayne Airport to wait for my parents to arrive. I had actually never been to SNA before, neither to fly out of or to pick anyone up, but it’s thankfully much nicer than LAX. When my parents and their bags had been tucked safely in my car we went to South Coast Plaza for lunch and a little shopping. It was a lovely February day here in LA so walking around, even inside, was very pleasant. I drove my parents back to my apartment a few hours later, and then promptly had my dad help me get rid of my huge, old TV that was in the guest bedroom. It proved to be a more difficult task than I anticipated, but after some creative engineering (and a few cracks in the plastic, I believe) we dropped it off at Goodwill. I was not sad to say goodbye to the TV I bought for my first Seal Beach apartment back in 2004. It was ridiculously cumbersome! Now my old 32″ flat screen and Roku box are set up in the guest bedroom, which is what I wanted for this week, but I think I’ll move it into my bedroom after my parents go back to Florida. This evening the three of us went to dinner on Main Street and then went right back home because my mom was tired and wanted to go to bed. My dad and I watched an episode of Top Gear (with an impromptu trip to Target to pick up a hairdryer as an interlude) before bedtime. That show makes me laugh like nothing else. It was a good day. Now it is time for me to go to sleep. Good night!