Saturday in-flight

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive. This past week was absolutely insane at work and I had no energy to do anything else when I got home each night. It was terrible. Right now I’m sitting on my flight to Dulles and going through the list of everything I didn’t accomplish before leaving on my business trip. I hate when my to do list is mostly undone. For example, the glass on my iPhone shattered last Sunday and I still haven’t gotten it fixed. I set it down on something in Target and someone else bumped it off. It hit the tile floor on a corner and smashed. That’ll teach me to not have a case on my phone! It still works and the screen is still mostly readable, which is good, but I didn’t have the time or the drive to get it fixed yet. I’ll try to find some place that replaces iPhone glass while I’m in DC this week. (Although I’m planning to get an iPhone 6 when they are available I’d rather not replace my phone just yet.) I’ll be working a lot of hours, but since I’m away from home I should have a little more free time than I usually do (i.e., no cooking, dishes, or laundry). Plus, I’m not going in to work today when I arrive. Not that I’ll get my phone fixed today, but at least I’ll be able to relax a little. I have a bit of a plan that I’ve set in motion for my off days on this trip, but I’ll write more about that tomorrow. After my first little adventure I will have to go to work tomorrow, though. All of the work items I planned to complete before this business trip fell by the wayside when something more important came up this week. But I’ll manage. Life has been stressful since my surgery and I haven’t enjoyed it very much. That has got to change. I have so many things on my calendar for the rest of the year and I plan to have as much fun as possible in my current circumstances. Starting today.