Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s been a strange day for me with all the snow in DC (more on that later), but I did remember to wear a green shirt to work today. Not that there were many people there because the office was technically closed due to the weather. But a few of us still worked a full day so that we won’t be scrambling tomorrow morning. My St. Patrick’s Day celebration this evening consisted of sweeping about 6 inches of snow off my car, going to the grocery store, and eating a Quizno’s sandwich for dinner. Not very glamorous! And I didn’t even get to wear my St. Patrick’s Day Hello Kitty shirt! I bought it, along with a couple of others, at Old Navy last month, but then I managed to be out of town on St. Patrick’s Day. Nice planning, huh? I’ll make sure to wear each of them at least once before putting them away for a year. They will make excellent shirts for running when I get back to California and there isn’t snow on the ground. So I didn’t really honor my Irish heritage today, but I think a subdued evening was justified by the weather. I’ll make sure to go a little crazy when I get back to LA next weekend to make up for it.