On my way home

After eight days I’m on my flight back to Los Angeles. Actually, I’m on a flight to San Francisco at the moment and I’ll catch a connecting flight to LA there. I’m not thrilled about a two plus hour layover there before I can get home, but I didn’t have much choice when I booked the ticket. I’m not going to have nearly as much time as I’d like tonight at home before bedtime. There are quite a number of things I need/want to do, but I’ll have to be picky. I can’t skip the grocery store if I want to make something for my lunch at work so that’ll be my top priority. Yes, I’m going right back to work. As much as I’d like to take a day off I don’t think I can afford to. I’m way too busy. (Plus our pay periods won’t easily accommodate it, unfortunately.) I’m considering taking an afternoon off one day so I can go to Disneyland, but that’s still in the planning stages at the moment. I just checked our flight map and right now we’re flying over quite a lot of snow in Colorado and Wyoming. Did I mention I’m going to Wyoming in May? I’ve been wanting to go to Yellowstone National Park for a long time so I talked my family into going at the end of May. I bought my plane ticket before I left for DC and I’m really excited about it. I tried to talk my dad into going to Yellowstone back in 2001 when we were driving across the country for my second internship, but it was just too darn far north to justify diverting from our route. We didn’t make it much more north than Denver. But with my 2014 New Year’s resolution to visit as many new states as possible, I figured this was the perfect time to visit Yellowstone. Not only have I never been to Wyoming, but we’ll be able to easily hit Idaho and Montana as well. Let’s face it, I can’t imagine I’ll ever have another reason to be in that part of the country so I want to take advantage of it. I think I’m actually doing pretty well on that particular resolution so far this year since in the last week I went to three new states which brought my total up to 30. As I’m sure you could tell from the pictures I shared this week (because I was too tired to actually write anything), not only did I visit West Virginia last week, but I took a little detour into Pennsylvania on my way back to DC. Then yesterday I drove to Delaware to visit the Winterthur Museum outside of Wilmington. They have an exhibit of costumes from “Downton Abbey” that I definitely wanted to see while I had a chance. I’ll write more about (and include some pictures) that in another post. I’d share a new map of the states I’ve visited, but at this point it doesn’t look significantly different from the one I posted last Sunday. But look out after my trip in May! That bad boy is going to be much more colorful. My only regret about my adventures last week is not swinging by New Jersey yesterday. It was right there across the bridge on I-295, but by the time I got there in the afternoon I didn’t want to make my drive from Delaware back to DC any longer than it needed to be. Oh well. I still need to visit Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont at some point so maybe I can add New Jersey then. Besides my travel excursions, I also did something else on this trip that I’ve been wanting to do (OK, needing to do). I started running again. I know I’ve written about this a little bit already, but I completed three (extremely slow) runs while I was out of town, which was a major victory since I hadn’t run in two months. Treadmill running is the most boring thing ever, but I discovered that watching the first two “Back to the Future” movies makes it much more enjoyable. I decided to take the weekend off because I was traveling (and because I got a blister on the bottom of my right foot on Friday), but I’m planning to run as much as possible over the next two weeks (outside this time – I love California!) before the Seal Beach 10K. I don’t really care how long it takes me to finish the race, but I’d like to not walk through the finish line completely exhausted. I’ll do my best to be prepared! Speaking of prepared, I think it’s just about time for me to turn off my laptop for our landing in San Francisco. The good thing about this fairly random stream-of-consciousness paragraph (besides keeping me occupied on this seemingly endless cross-country flight) is that I’m done with my webpage post for the day! That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about when I get home tonight. Not bad at all.