Resolution #3 revisited

As I’ve mentioned more than once, I started running again last week. (I know no one really cares about this except me, but writing about it not only keeps me accountable for continuing, but also motivates me not to quit.) So far I’ve completed five training runs in preparation for the Seal Beach 10K on April 5th, which will be my first race. I’m a bit nervous! But despite my lack of race experience I have already signed up for two half marathons in the fall. Two! How crazy am I? The first one will be the Disneyland Half Marathon on August 31st. With all the time I spend at Disneyland already what could be more natural than going for a run there? And I get a medal afterwards! More Disney paraphernalia is always good. Like the Run Disney pin (pictured above) I bought after I signed up for my first race. Registration for the half marathon was back in January so you have to start making plans to run more than eight months in advance. That’s really thinking ahead for someone like me who’s only been running for six months or so. But the Disneyland races are fairly small (the parks are packing into a surprisingly small space in Anaheim) so I had to grab a spot while I could rather than wait a while to decide if it was something I really wanted to attempt. I think I’ll have a better idea of my capabilities after the 10K next weekend, but at least I’ll have a chance to try a 13.1 mile race this fall if I want to. To compound my craziness, not long after I registered for my first half marathon, a new event at Disneyland was announced – the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon on November 16th. Of course I had to sign up for that one as well! I needed a good excuse to wear my Iron Man t-shirts and now I have one. Speaking of running attire, a lot of folks wear elaborate costumes to run these races at Disneyland, but I think I’ll stick to graphic t-shirts this time around to ensure I’m comfortable. I bought a couple of “Frozen” shirts recently so one of those will probably be part of my outfit for the Disneyland Half Marathon. Maybe I’ll look for a couple of accessories to go with it – like a running skirt or tiara. For the Avengers Half Marathon my first thought was to wear my Iron Kitty shirt (Hello Kitty dressed up as Iron Man, of course), but my Marvel superheroes shirt might be a better choice. I’m excited and nervous about the prospect of these races, but luckily I have plenty of time to train and prepare. Wish me luck!