I have nothing better to write about

“It can be argued that individuals are defined by the people and things they surround themselves with so I think mentioning how I spend my time is important in describing my character. Anyway, I just thought I would justify the recent TV discussion so that you don’t think I have nothing better to write about.”
04/04/01 webpage post

Actually, I do have something better to write about, but I’ve been exceptionally lazy this weekend. Despite spending quality time on my couch catching up on a whole bunch of TV shows, I didn’t strain my brain trying to write anything. Instead I watched “Once Upon a Time” and it’s spinoff “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” (which ended its single season run this week), “Agents of SHIELD,” “Big Bang Theory,” and “Elementary.” A veritable nerd’s paradise! However, it has come to my attention that I don’t get nearly enough accomplished on weekdays when I get home from work when I park myself in front of the TV so that has to change. Maybe it’s time for a new resolution? For now I’m going to go work on resolution #4 and read a little bit of Allegiant (the third Divergent book) before I go to sleep. Good night everyone!