Sunscreen experiment #7 revisited

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate SPF 30 has become my go-to sunscreen for days at Disneyland. As I mentioned in my previous review of this product, it’s one of the only options I’ve tried that doesn’t have that distinctive sunscreen smell that makes your nose wrinkle. This sunscreen actually smells pretty good. And since I get up really early the mornings I go to Disneyland, slathering my body with something that isn’t an assault on the senses is a definite plus. I hate when my clothes and skin reek of sunscreen all day, so this Aveeno is ideal. And it seems to do a good job protecting me from the sun, despite its lack of mineral sunscreens. I’ve worn it quite a few times to Disneyland this summer, mostly hot and sunny days, and I haven’t gotten any noticeable sun on my arms or legs. My only complaint about this otherwise excellent product is that it makes my skin a bit sticky. Granted, a moisturizing sunscreen is beneficial to my Accutane-parched skin these days, but the Aveeno is still a little too much for even my dry skin to absorb. But the pros outweigh the cons so for now I’m sticking to the Aveeno Protect + Hydrate for Disneyland weekends. As always, though, the search continues for the perfect sunscreen.