Lazy weekdays

I have been so lazy the last couple of days. My “to do” list is about fifteen items long, but I have checked off very few items since Sunday. However, I actually had a very productive weekend, so maybe that makes up for it? I ran 6 miles on Saturday morning, then did some shopping at Ikea and South Coast Plaza, and finished up the day making a batch of chili (recipe forthcoming). I also got a chance to catch up on some of the fall premiere episodes that I DVRed during the week. (As I’ve stated before, I watch way too many TV shows, and I’m always trying to cut back. At this point I think “Sleepy Hollow” is going to get deleted from my record list. It’s just not that entertaining.) Sunday included a morning trip to Disneyland since the weather was so lovely. After several weeks of unbearable heat in Los Angeles it was finally cooler over the weekend and I tried to enjoy it as much as possible. I was actually a little chilly in my shorts and t-shirt until it warmed up a little. Fall might actually be on its way! When I got home from Disneyland I spent the rest of the day cooking (and watching more television, like the latest episode of my favorite show, Doctor Who). Eliminating grains from my diet has required me to prepare almost all of my food at home. There’s no such thing as a quick meal for me anymore! I can count on one hand the number of fast food places that serve anything that’s not between slices of bread, on a bun, or in a wrap. Hopefully this means I’ll start saving money on food, but so far I’ve been going to the grocery store (including expensive ones like Whole Foods) so often that it might end up being a wash. And that’s ok. I made some delicious almond butter chicken stir fry on Sunday – yet another recipe I’ll be sharing soon. I was so excited about the success of the stir fry that I decided to try my hand at grain-free chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately those were decidedly less successful due to a few mistakes on my part. A friend of mine has had a lot of luck with the recipe so I’ll pick up some more almond flour this weekend and try it again. It would be so awesome to be able to make tasty chocolate chip cookies without refined sugar or flour.

Getting back to the laziness, I was finally able to get a few things done tonight. Like wash the sink full of dishes that has been piling up for a few days. (And watch some more TV shows piling up on my DVR. What can I say? I’m an addict.) While I’m really glad to have made some headway on my chores, there’s still a lot I need to do before the end of the week. This means I can’t let myself have any more lazy nights this week. It’s going to be a busy couple of days!