Baking distracted

Imagine you have a nearly perfect dark chocolate brownie recipe. After tinkering with it a little (original recipe here), you’ve got the flavor and the texture just right, but you need to make one more batch to ensure the correct pan size. Your last batch in a 13×9″ pan made brownies wasn’t quite right so you want to try an 11×7″ pan instead. You’re convinced this is going to be perfect and everyone who tries one of these dark chocolate brownies is going to be blown away. It’s going to be amazing! Then imagine as you get down to the business of baking these life changing brownies you are able to coax exactly the right amount of Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder out of the container, and not a teaspoon more. A good start. After doing a happy dance you set your last four eggs out on the counter to warm up, two for the brownies and two for a batch of cookies to come afterwards. It’s all working out just right! You melt some butter, and then mix it with the right amount of sugar and the carefully harvested dark cocoa powder. Everything is going well. But then you tune out for a few minutes, probably watching something stupid on TV, and accidentally add all four eggs to the mixing bowl. Aargh! You stare at the four eggs sitting there on top of the brownie batter. What now? You can’t very well start all over again without going to the store for more cocoa power and eggs (and it’s too late in the day to consider that). The remaining options are either toss everything out and give up, or make the brownies anyway and see how the turn out with four eggs instead of two. You choose the latter and cross your fingers as you put the pan in the oven to cook. Maybe everything will be fine. Unfortunately that’s not the outcome. The brownies turned out dry and spongy. They seriously had the consistency of a kitchen sponge. Basically inedible. What a waste of good baking ingredients! So the moral of the story is, don’t bake distracted!