NaBloPoMo success?

If November was only ten days long I could say that I succeeded at NaBloPoMo. But unfortunately November has thirty days so I was somewhat less than successful. Everything fell apart last Monday when I almost forgot a doctor’s appointment and had to work late as a result, which is what I think turned my post-a-day goal into an epic failure. I phoned it in on Monday with the wordless post, and then the rest of the week I just lost motivation to write anything. It was lazy, but it’s not like I was sitting around doing nothing. I worked a lot, ran errands, cooked, and finished training for the Avengers Half Marathon (which I ran this morning). Besides the race, which I will write about in a day or two, it’s not like I missed documenting a spectacular week or anything. In the grand scheme of things my NaBloPoMo failure isn’t a big deal, but I still hate not finishing something I set out to do. Wishful thinking says that I’ll do better in December, but with the holidays coming up fast that’s probably not true. Oh well. I’ll still do my best to write about what’s going on in my life, especially now that it’s my favorite time of year.

Speaking of my favorite time of year, I’m sitting in my hotel room near Disneyland, waiting a few hours before I go back to the parks to enjoy the Christmas lights and the special holiday festivities. Last night I went to bed at 8:30 PM to make sure I got plenty of sleep for my half marathon, only to be woken up by the 9:25 PM Disneyland fireworks. It seriously sounded like bombs were going off in the hotel parking lot, so even if I’d been wearing earplugs I don’t think they would have helped at all. Tonight my plan is to enjoy the fireworks from Disneyland’s Main Street instead. Also, I’m going to try and catch the nightly World of Color show at California Adventure park. I spent about four hours in the parks after lunch today, but the lines were too long for me to get on any rides. Plus, my legs were sore after running 13.1 miles in the morning so walking was more beneficial than just standing or even sitting for a long period of time. That’s OK. Winter is the best time to go to the parks at night so I’ll try to find a weekday evening to come back for the rides. Or maybe I’ll be able to get on a few of them after the fireworks tonight. Fingers crossed that the crowds start to go home after 10 PM!