Thanksgiving planning starts now

Now that my race weekend is over (more on that tomorrow) I can focus on other things. Like Thanksgiving! I’m sure one of the reasons I love this time of year so much is because I don’t have to cook a big Thanksgiving dinner for anyone! Less stress always means a more enjoyable holiday. For the last two years I’ve had the privilege of enjoying an amazing Thanksgiving meal with my brother and his friends in San Francisco, which requires very little effort on my part. All I have to do is bring some homemade cookies with me to make it look like I contributed to the feast. The cookies are completely superfluous since these folks make such incredible food, but at least I don’t arrive empty-handed. Plus, I use the holiday as an excuse to try new cookie recipes. Last year I made four different chocolate chip cookie recipes, three of which were really tasty. The fourth was a bit of a bust, but a 75% success rate ain’t bad, if you ask me! This year is a little different, though. I haven’t made any sort of baked good for a couple of months, mostly due to banishing grains from my diet (except for the occasional Egg McMuffin). But since I don’t want to subject everyone to the same restrictions (and since I’m planning on indulging when I’m in San Francisco), I’ll break out the all-purpose flour to make treats for Thanksgiving. So tonight I scoured my Pinterest boards for any cookie recipes that jumped out at me. I found quite a few! So far all I’ve decided is that I’ll make snickerdoodles of some kind and chocolate cookies of some kind. I need to find a couple more ideas this week (something with chocolate chips!), narrow them down to four recipes or fewer, and then start gathering the necessary ingredients. I am completely out of eggs and I think my cinnamon reserve is running low. The horror! But besides that scary fact, I’m really looking forward to baking cookies for Thanksgiving this year!