Confessions of a reformed baker

I was invited to a Super Bowl party on Sunday, but since I could barely walk after the Surf City Half Marathon I opted to stay home and lie on the couch all afternoon instead. It was a good choice, but it meant that I missed out on an opportunity to make some brownies and chocolate chip cookies. It was a bit of a bummer. I find baking therapeutic (which I’m sure is evident by the fact that I spent the last few years testing chocolate chip cookie recipes), but no desserts have come out of my kitchen since August. Hard to believe, right? This extreme lack of sweets speaks to my attempts to improve my diet. I’ve actually done pretty well since the fall, despite the lack of progress shown on my scale, but I do miss baking cookies. It’s funny to have a cabinet full of sugar and chocolate chips and a huge bag of flour all sitting around doing nothing. I’m not sure if it’s a terrible waste of ingredients or if it’s a good thing that I’m not baking delicious goodies every weekend anymore. A little of both, probably. That’s why I’m sad that I missed out on the Super Bowl party. It was a legitimate reason to bake cookies besides the usual “because I feel like it” excuse! And I was going to try and perfect my dark chocolate brownie recipe too. Missed opportunities all around. I either need to find another relaxing hobby or else find someone else to throw a party!