I found this today

In preparation for my upcoming business trip I took my big suitcase out of the closet today to start packing and found this laundry bag from the Grand Wailea inside. Sigh. Dan and I had such a great time in Hawaii last November and I’d love to be back there again right now. We’ve talked about going back this fall, maybe to Kauai, but it’s much less likely than last year. But if I can earn the frequent flyer miles soon enough a 2012 Hawaiian vacation it’s definitely not off the table. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Random photos #2 – Star Wars Episode II cereal

I keep hoping I’ll have time to write a decent webpage post, but over the last two weeks I’ve failed miserably. Work and life in general has really been limiting my writing time. Thank goodness for random photos or I’d have nothing at all! I’ve got a couple of actual text-based updates in work, but nothing ready to publish yet. (I know I say that a lot, but it’s true. Believe it or not.) Fortunately I foresee a fairly quiet weekend for Dan and me so I should have plenty of time to finish those posts and share them with the world. Until then, here’s a picture of the front of a box of Star Wars Episode II cereal. The cereal itself was pretty good, but having Ewan McGregor on the front was even better. Yummy!

Random photos #1 – High school flashbacks

My Lincoln High School academic letter. I took this picture when I was in Tallahassee in December, cleaning out a bunch of stuff in my childhood bedroom. I got the letter itself in ninth grade and then got the three little lamp pins indicating I maintained the same level of academic “excellence” in tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. I was very proud of that. The other pins I got from National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and chorus (both regular choruses and ensembles). Put together this paints a pretty good picture of my high school experience in a one square foot area!

It all started with these immortal words, “If it has green legs, then it is a Figgy.” Our geometry practice book for Mu Alpha Theta was trying to teach us about conditional statements, but my friends and I latched onto the concept of Figgys and never let go. I believe the name of the figurine in this photo was Marta (I had another one named Mikki who was lost in tenth grade) and she was indeed a Figgy because she had green legs. I obtained her on a trip where I stayed in a Choice hotel (hence the word “Choiceasaurus” on her side), but I can’t remember where. Marta was one of our many Mu Alpha Theta good luck charms and she was with me at every math competition during my high school years.

2011 in pictures

Disneyland 1/8-1/9/11 (Photo album here)

Big Bear 2/25-2/27/11 (Photo album here)

Harry Potter World 3/25/11 (Photo album here)

Hawaiian party 7/23/11 (Photo album here)

Long Beach marathon 10/9/11 (Photo album here)

Halloween party 10/29/11 (Photo album here)

San Francisco 11/4-11/7/11 (Photo album here)

Hawaii 11/11 (Photo album pending)

Tallahassee 12/8-12/12/11 (Photo album here)

Christmas 12/11 (Photo album here)