Speaking of March 2004

Lauren’s email:
“Is it just me or is this stuff harder to understand the more you study it?”
Sevan’s reply:
“1) ‘this stuff’, n., of or pertaining to crap, particularly in the field of fluid mechanics, especially taught in course 250B at UCLA. –Sevster Dictionary 2004
2) ‘exam’, n., comes from Latin word for fail –Sevster Dictionary 2004”

3/23/04 webpage post

Years past

“When I got outside I wanted to dance and sing and basically make as much noise as possible. There was some kind of exhibition going on in the parking lot so shouting didn’t seem like a viable option with so many people to hear. The only celebrating I indulged in on the way back to my car was walking with my mouth open and a silly grin on my face. I had done it. I had conquered the GRE and I never had to worry about taking it again. For the moment I was free.”

“Will someone please invent software that will post my thoughts directly to my webpage? Well, maybe just a selective set of my thoughts.”

“My lab isn’t exactly the ideal place to hold office hours because the dry erase board is located on the wall behind a desk and is difficult to write notes. After a few minutes of trying to lean over the desk to scribble diagrams and equations I gave up and climbed onto it to get closer to the board. As I stood up on the desk I said to the students, ‘Those guys are probably going to walk in right now.’ The tour group didn’t show up just then, but about a minute later instead. So there I was, standing on a table when ten people arrive in the combustion lab for a tour. That’s just the impression I want to make on industry representatives and visiting academics.”

“I learned that if you wear workout shorts with ‘GATORS’ printed across the butt you will be defined by them. I guess it’s not the worst way to be described, but it’s still pretty weird. Instead of being ‘pretty’ or ‘smart,’ I’m a ‘troublemaker’ and ‘that girl with the words across her shorts.’ ”

“I’m starting to think that my watching the Gator football games is cursing them.”

“It was 38 degrees when I left work this morning and there was frost on my car. Brrr!”

Time spent at Ikea

Last weekend we got the new 2012 Ikea catalog in the mail and I spent about an hour poring over the pages, seeing if there was anything I just couldn’t live without. I saw a few things I liked so the next day I drove down the store in Carson (by far the closest) to look around. This brought back a lot of memories. I had never heard of Ikea until I moved to Los Angeles, but over the last nine years I’ve become a big fan of the Swedish furniture store. I’ve used it to furnish two apartments on a very low budget (being a college student doesn’t pay well) and quite a few of those items made the move into our current house. In fact, our guest bedroom is furnished entirely with my past Ikea purchases. While they aren’t as high quality as some of the Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn furniture we own, I still love my old bedroom set as much as when it bought it. Back when I was furnishing my Westwood apartment and then my Seal Beach apartment I spent a lot of time at the Ikea Carson store, wandering around, trying to decide what I wanted. I explored (and was jealous of) all of the model room setups on the third floor, searched for the perfect lamps in the second floor marketplace, and loaded up a cart with flat-packed furniture boxes on the ground floor. And then once the boxes were delivered to my current residence, I spent even more time putting everything together. I can’t say I did the best job assembling some of the larger items (i.e., my dresser and tall bookshelf), but I got a certain amount of satisfaction out of doing it myself. So when I walked into the Ikea Carson store last Sunday it was a little like going back in time. Suddenly I was twenty-five again with a vision of how I wanted my apartment to look and only a vague idea of how to turn it into a reality. I spent about an hour wandering around like I used to back then, but this time I left without buying anything. While I make more money now, I also have many, many more expenses. The one thing I really wanted, a cupcake stand, was nowhere to be found in that huge warehouse so I walked out empty handed. Maybe I’ll go back and look for it some other time, but that trip reminded me what I don’t like about Ikea. It’s always insanely busy! I got there when the doors opened for the day and an hour later when I left the parking lot was full and there were people everywhere. Evidently I’m not the only one in Los Angeles who likes Ikea!

Strong Bad emails

Back in 2001 when Dan and I started dating, his family came to visit him and his grandmother quite often (what better excuse to come to LA?) and during one of these visits I remember Dan’s little brother watching an internet cartoon and laughing infectiously. I was intrigued so Dan introduced me to Homestar Runner and it’s been entertaining me ever since. When I moved into my apartment near UCLA in 2002 the Homestar Runner website was my primary source of entertainment for at least a week while I waited for my cable to be hooked up. I watched every single Strong Bad Email at least once during that time. Every Monday when I was in grad school we used to check the website from our lab to see if there was a new Strong Bad emails to watch. Anything to put off working on our research! I remember laughing hysterically at some of the cartoons with the other members of my research group. I think we were easily amused, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t having fun. Through the years I’ve enjoyed following the continuing adventures of Homestar Runner and his friends. Unfortunately the creators have been on an extended hiatus and there hasn’t been much new material for a long time, but that doesn’t mean the old episodes are any less entertaining. Just last Friday while I was baking brownies and cookies for our Hawaiian party, Dan and I watched some classic Strong Bad emails and found that they are just as funny as they were ten years ago. Here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Spring cleaning – My absolute favorite
Flag day – Strongbadia’s national anthem
Invisibility – Stealing Swiss Cake Rolls
New hands – Guitars and laserbeams
Dragon – Introducing Trogdor
Caper – The Cheat is not dead
Stunt double – That guy is Dangeresque