(Almost) Wordless Wednesday 9/28/11

A package arrived on Monday with Dan’s name on it so I put it on the dining room table for him. When he got home he asked me to open it, which was a little odd. As I pulled the brown construction paper off the top I uncovered the box containing these adorable Gonzo and Camilla Vinylmations. Aren’t they precious? I was coveting this set before it was released, but I decided it was too expensive. But Dan knew how much I wanted it so he bought Gonzo and Camilla for me as an “I love you gift,” as he put it. Don’t I have a wonderful husband?

P.S. I went to work today not because I was feeling that much better, but because I wanted to get out of the house!

Swedish Chef

Look what I got at Downtown Disney this afternoon! It’s the Swedish Chef Vinylmation I’ve been wanting! I first mentioned these hot new collectibles in my Labor Day weekend post, and there have a been a couple of developments since then. After we got Rizzo the Rat and Bean Bunny the first time we bought Vinylmations, I decided to go back and buy a couple of others while Dan was out of town a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping that one of them was a character Dan liked. And it was – Fozzie Bear. Waka waka waka! Unfortunately the other one was Fozzie as well. What are the odds? Sheesh. So when I picked up another Muppets Vinylmation box at Downtown Disney today Dan thought I was crazy, but that particular box stood out to me amongst all the rest. And what did I find when I got home and opened it? The Swedish Chef! Bork bork bork!