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TGIF? – 06.30.00

Friday, June 30th, 2000

It’s Friday here at the Boeing Company and at least I get to enjoy wearing jeans to work today. My paycheck arrived this morning and it is a depressing sight. If I pull out my trusty TI-85 it tells me that making $16.30 an hour and working 40 hours a week should total to $652 weekly earnings. That number does appear on my paycheck but not in the “net pay” box. After state and federal income taxes are deducted the company is also taking out money for taxes on my housing and travel reimbursements. Let’s just say that I got $400 this week and that isn’t too exciting. I sure do whine about money a lot these days.

One of the reasons I am worried about my finances is the fact that I want to take a trip next year between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of whatever work I can get. This year I had three weeks free and that would have been plenty of time to go somewhere really cool. Since I have so little to do at work recently I have been doing a little research on travel tours. Two places that I am dying to go are Egypt and Ireland. Yes, I realize that I can’t comfortably get to both of those destinations in less than three weeks, but one would be more than enough. There is a lot of time for me to plan (and find enough money for) an excursion such as that so we’ll have to see what happens.

I have also been doing some graduate school research in my spare time. I found the “US News and World Reports” list of the top twenty aerospace engineering graduate programs and looked at almost all of the websites for more information. It turns out that two of these programs are at UCLA and USC – both located in Los Angeles. I am going to have to take some time to go and visit these schools since I am so close to them this summer. USC has a program in propulsions that I am very interested in. The program that looks most exciting is at MIT, the best aerospace graduate program as ranked by US News, but I am pretty sure I couldn’t get admitted there. I wish my GPA was a little better. I also have to take the GRE pretty soon and I am not a top performer on standardized tests. As with the travel issue, we’ll have to see what happens.

Here is my list of things I have to do right after work today:
1) Deposit paycheck in the bank
2) Pick up package at the post office

Consider that I get off work at 4:12 PM when the Post Office closes at 5 PM and the bank closes at 6 PM. By the time I get home I will be tired and the box of chocolate covered cherries that Stuart sent me will be the first thing I can find to eat. This week has been riddled with junk food. Starting with the cherries and working toward the doughnuts Jeremy and I had to get for our department this morning I have been a total pig. I did make it to all three aerobics classes this week but the fact that I put so much junk into my body this week is bothering me. I made the mistake of looking at how many calories there are in a can of pears today. I’ll be buying the “lite” kind next time. Getting all of the bad food items out of my cupboard will be the first step to making me feel better about my eating habits. I think there are still some Pringles around the apartment somewhere. This week I’m not going to the grocery store when I am hungry!

To tell you the truth, my week has been about as boring as it possibly could be. This is the first entry I’ve written since Sunday, not because I have anything to say, but because I have some time on my hands during my lunch break. I’ll try and be more exciting this week, OK?

Magic Mountain – 06.25.00

Sunday, June 25th, 2000

No matter how careful I am I always find a way to set sunburned. I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today with several other interns and I noticed that my shoulders were red when I got home. Great. I must have applied sunscreen three times today but I was carrying a backpack almost the whole time and the straps may have rubbed off the lotion on my shoulders. I think my scalp is sunburned again too. I have tried so many things to keep that from happening but nothing less than a hat will keep my head safe from the sun.

Enough of that whining. I had a great day at Six Flags with Rebecca, Marie, Beth, Nikki, Liz, and Dave. (I don’t expect anyone to know who all of those people are but I thought I would mention it for my own sake.) The park is situated kind of in the mountains and it is really beautiful around there. I swear there are more roller coasters in that place than any other theme park I have ever been to! I am a self-proclaimed roller coaster fanatic but I realized that you can have too much of a good thing when it comes to riding them. The first coaster we went on was the Goliath and I had the oddest experience. In the middle of the ride there is a spiral section and passengers experience a strong centripetal force pushing them down into their seats. Well, this continued for a few seconds and I noticed that the force was getting stronger as the ride got nearer to the ground. I blacked out. My vision just went dark for a split second and I was scared to death. After I blinked we had come out of the spiral and I could see again but I could feel my hands shaking. I have never had anything like that happen to me on a roller coaster and it was very frightening. That’s just one testament to the fact that most of the rides at Magic Mountain served as tools to scare the living daylights out of me rather than entertain. Another example was the Superman ride – a little rail car that takes you really fast along the ground and then vertically into the air so that you are lying on your back. Get the picture? I didn’t know how scared I was until I was actually sitting in the car and waiting for it to shoot away from the platform. I just about peed my pants. I don’t like that feeling as it is happening but it ends up making the whole ride worthwhile.

So I spent the whole day at Six Flags today but, believe it or not, that’s not the only activity of my weekend. Actually Friday evening was probably the most interesting time I’ve had in a while. Marie and I walked down to Main Street in the early evening and then Sarah and Mindy joined us for dinner an hour later. The restaurant we went to turned out to be a favorite place for people to gather for happy hour and our table was right next to the bar. There was a woman there in a red tank top, a pair of red vinyl pants, and a red cowboy hat. The guys loved her. Anyway, after dinner Mindy insisted we go to Jamba Juice for a smoothie dessert. I must admit that the one I got was delicious and I will definitely be going back for seconds soon. Just as soon as we got our smoothies we decided to go to the movies. (We saw Titan AE – for me it was the second time but it still rocked.) We got there with ten minutes to spare and also managed to sneak in the smoothies without anyone noticing. I am usually not such a spontaneous person but running around with other girls is a ton of fun. It’s even more fun when everything works out perfectly, like it did for us.

Kickboxing tomorrow, huh? Hopefully there will be more interesting work news on the horizon tomorrow also. I was told on Friday afternoon that I will be assigned more tasks starting Monday and that makes me very happy. There’s only so much nothing that you can take – even if you are getting paid $16.30 per hour. Speaking of money, I forgot to pick a cheesy souvenir from Six Flags. Who knows when I will be able to go back there and I am determined to have lots of keepsakes by the time I leave in August so I can remember my time here. So far I’m hurtin’ in that respect. I’d better get cracking. But right now I am just going to get ready for bed because I have to get up and go to work in the morning. The things a girl’s gotta do…

Something vs. Nothing – 06.23.00

Friday, June 23rd, 2000

I was right about not having much to write about this week. Since this is going to be sort of a week in review I have decided to split up my news into two categories: something or nothing.

I went to the Boeing Seal Beach gym facility three times this week. On Monday I wrote about my kickboxing class but since then I have been to two “Intro to Step” classes. I thought that since these were supposed to be for beginners it wouldn’t be as hard as the kickboxing class but I was sorely mistaken. Literally. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to go to the step class on Tuesday since I was still a little stiff from Monday’s workout but I was taking someone else to the gym after work so I was kind of stuck. I really loved the class, however it was extremely difficult and my muscles hurt until Thursday. And this wasn’t just a normal “I’m sore because I worked out for one of the first times in months” pain. Let’s just say that it was hard to walk after I had been sitting at my desk for too long. My calf muscles must have been brutalized somehow and they were trying to get even with me for putting them through this workout. So of course I went back to step class yesterday and had a ball – even though I am very uncoordinated and I was doing the wrong routine most of the time. I am on my way to being a buff babe.

On Wednesday I took a tour of the composite shop, located on the first floor of building 49 where I work, and the guide was a hoot. He’s the kind of guy who knows everything there is to know about his field and he seems to love it. We went into one building to see a really large water tank that the Boeing employees call the “pool.” It really is huge. Apparently it was built in order for McDonnell Douglas to try and win a contract many years ago. (FYI – Boeing took over this plant in Huntington Beach from McDonnell Douglas sometime after that.) They didn’t get the contract so the pool was useless for some time. Later it became useful for preparing astronauts for zero gravity maneuvering. The effects of the water along with supplementary weights simulate the feeling of weightlessness. After that activity was finished the company wondered how they were going to keep the pool and not lose money. It turns out that Hollywood could use it for movies. Part of Star Trek IV (The one with the whales, remember mom? It’s your favorite!) and the Kevin Costner movie “Waterworld” were filmed there. I thought it was pretty funny to be standing at the edge of the water where movies had been shot. Anyway, I liked it.

Yeah! I just got an email from Marie, another intern who has been going to step class with me, and we are planning to go to Six Flags tomorrow. I am roller coaster maniac so that sounds like a great idea for me. There is only one more hour before I leave work. I got my paycheck yesterday so I need to go deposit that in the bank before it closes. When you combine what I earned in pay and my tax refund check that I will deposit also I have about $960 to add to my checking account today. That’s always a good thing. Too bad I put about $250 on my credit card buying fall textbooks this morning. The good thing is that I saved at least one hundred dollars buying them online and I won’t have to brave the bookstores on campus during the first week of class in August. I am still poor, though.

I have been doing absolutely no work at all since about 8:30 AM on Wednesday morning. One of my supervisors got back from Japan yesterday so I am sure he is scrambling to catch up and he has no time to worry about what I am doing. I turned in one of my Excel spreadsheet projects on Wednesday morning and I am still waiting to hear back about it. At least until Monday I am going to be an unproductive employee and that stinks. At least I’m getting paid for it but I feel like I am not learning anything and that somehow defeats the purpose of an internship.

The dark side of the paycheck situation – almost $500 was taken out of the money I earned for taxes. Sheesh. I know that I will be getting back a lot of money in tax refunds next year but I kind of want the money now so I won’t feel so poor. I have well over one thousand dollars racked up on my credit card in this billing period and that will wipe out my paycheck and more. The only thing I need to spend money on right now is food but I still need some more work clothes. I do get paid every week so maybe that will save me.

Most the intern crew is going to Mexico this weekend. Tijuana is just on the other side of the US-Mexico border and it is a place for people to go and get drunk. At least that’s how it sounds when the other interns talk about it over lunch. There a bunch of alcoholics in this group, I swear. I just really don’t like to drink and I certainly don’t have any intention of driving to Mexico with a bunch of people who want to do that exclusively. Of course I would like to go and visit Mexico sometime but this doesn’t seem to be the weekend to do that and expect to have coherent travelling buddies at the same time. Maybe I can go do some sightseeing some other time when there is a general soberness in the group.

I really had a lot to say. At least there was more “something” than “nothing” to my week and it makes me feel better to see that written here. Soon I will leave work and start my weekend with a trip to the bank and then a trip to the mall! That puts a smile on my face. There is a Hello Kitty shop at the Westminster Mall and I am dying to get something there! It’s the little things…

Anecdotes and Animation – 06.19.00

Monday, June 19th, 2000

First of all I would like to say happy eighteenth birthday to my little brother, Kenneth. Yes, he is a lot bigger than me so the term “little” only refers to him being younger than me. I feel kinda old having an eighteen-year-old brother now. Now that I said that – I am not expecting to have much to write about this week since I will be working (not an exciting pastime) but I have a few short stories to relate tonight so I won’t forget about them.

1) I got to work this morning at 7:15 AM, which is normal. It takes about fifteen minutes to get from Oakwood to Boeing in Huntington Beach so everything was fine until I realized I was missing something. My heart sank when I realized I had forgotten my ID badge that gets me into the plant. So I had to drive back home, grab the stupid badge, and drive all the way back to work. I was only fifteen minutes late and I don’t think anyone noticed but it was very annoying to me. The rest of the day was great, though, considering I actually had stuff to work on most of the time. I did fall asleep once. We’ll just forget about that, OK?

2) I am beginning to think my boss is a little too much like me. Last Friday he insisted that I have a doughnut and said that I should “never start with work” in the morning. Then today at a meeting (right after lunch) he almost forced me to eat one of the cookies that were left over in the conference room! I tried to say no but that wasn’t the answer he was going for. Eventually I had to give in and I stuck out not only for being the youngest person in the room but I was also eating a gigantic peanut butter cookie as well. I know that my sweet tooth runs my life since I have cravings for junk food everyday but my boss isn’t helping me control it.

3) I went to the Boeing gym today for kickboxing and I noticed something strange. Most of the people working out weren’t in great shape but that’s why you’re there, right? I saw these two rather large women sitting on the exercise bikes during my entire one-hour class doing nothing but talking. I am feel bad saying that they were so big but somehow I find it extremely ironic that they didn’t move a muscle the whole time I was there and they were at the gym. Maybe I was a little out of it at the time because this kickboxing class is such a hard workout but I thought this situation was funny.

4) I saw “Titan AE” last night and it was great. I tried to get some other people to go with me but I was the only one who showed up. I was at the theater early because I figured it would be crowded since the movie only opened on Friday. I was wrong. About fifteen minutes before show time I walked into the theater to find only two other people there. In the end out twenty folks showed up to see the movie so I arrived forty-five minutes early for nothing. Anyway, like I said, the movie was great. I am a sucker for a sci-fi flick and this was something different with the “realistic” animation. The plotline was a little thin and I keep thinking of holes in the story that it seemed no one thought to fill in. But there was a killer soundtrack so that will be a new addition to my limited CD collection as soon as I get paid.

That’s about all for now. If anything cool happens this week my fingers will be flying across the keys to tell you about it. I’m gonna go eat a popsicle now. That’s exciting.

Speaking Of – 06.17.00

Saturday, June 17th, 2000

I just got back from a little beachside shopping and it is almost too cool to wear shorts in the shade. The wind is coming off the cold water and it feels great. It is still too cold for me to wear a bathing suit at the beach, though. I hope that sometime during the summer the temperature will get high enough for me to wear that new bikini I bought last week. I got Katherine a birthday present today and I am exciting about that. Her birthday was in the middle of May but since we had left Gainesville by then and she was studying abroad in Italy I haven’t been in touch with her. I’m glad I found her a great gift in California so that it has a story behind it. Anyway, my shopping trip was successful this morning and I didn’t even spend that much money.

Speaking of money, I didn’t get paid yesterday. Apparently the payroll department never received my timecards. Now I am a little worried about my finances because I have some huge bills and not that much money in my checking account to pay them. I am still hoping to save some money from this summer, but we’ll have to wait and see how much I am going to need for necessary expenses. I actually did some legitimate work this week so I thought I really deserved that paycheck I was expecting. The jobs I did this week were quite small but my supervisors convinced me that they would be helpful to others in the Boeing Company. Considering I didn’t have any other stuff to do I was very glad to be given any assignment just to pass the time. And I’m a perfectionist so I took plenty of time making each of these little projects as good as possible. I also took my time on these tasks since I knew I would be bored to tears after they were finished! Now that I am almost done with my latest job (an Excel spreadsheet to perform calculations), one of my supervisors tells me that there is plenty of work for me to do.

Speaking of this supervisor, he is working on payload integration for the STS-250 mission and he wants me to get involved in the effort as well. This sounds great to me because this mission is scheduled to fly within the next few years (I’m not sure exactly when) and I would love to say that I was a part of it. Yesterday there was a teleconference between remote groups working on this mission and I was supposed to be there to see how the material is presented. When my supervisor came by to take me to the meeting there was a little mishap. Apparently we were late and by the time I could grab my notebook and a rubber band for my hair the guy was gone and I couldn’t find him! I was totally embarrassed and I had to stay in the office because I didn’t know where the meeting was. How silly is that?

Speaking of silly, I only have a few things I need to do this weekend, including getting some groceries and going to the bank. My apartment could use a little cleaning too. I’m a regular party animal.

Speaking of party animals, we had an impromptu intern bonfire on Thursday night at Boca Chica state beach. There are established fire pits there so we weren’t the only ones keeping warm around a small blaze. It was cold there too so I was glad to have a place where I wasn’t shivering. I was a little hesitant to go with the group at first because I haven’t really clicked with any of the other interns yet. I love my roommates and I am glad to be getting along with them since we live together but I don’t have much in common with the others. Most of them like to drink a lot and I don’t enjoy that near as much as they seem to. I don’t like clubs and I would rather spend more time by myself than anyone else. Rebecca and Kelly were talking about boys this morning – Rebecca has her eye one intern in particular and Kelly can’t choose between two others. We’ll have to see how the drama unfolds.

Out of Touch – 06.14.00

Wednesday, June 14th, 2000

It is ten minutes until 4 PM, Pacific Standard Time, and I am still at work. I am planning to stay later today to make up for the three hours of work I missed by not coming in on Monday after the new hire orientation. It’s all about those forty hours a week and I might get some overtime this way since I am paid time and a half if I work more than eight hours a day. At least I will be able to pay my sorority dues on time this year. I am also planning to save enough money to take a great trip next summer as soon as class gets out for the summer. I had about three weeks between the end of the semester and work this year so that would be plenty of time to have an adventure. That all depends on where I can get a job next summer, of course. Somehow this paragraph come full circle back to Boeing. Hmm.

My stream of consciousness hasn’t gotten me anywhere so far so I’ll get back to my usual boring writing style. I not sure what has driven me to write some very uninteresting entries lately but it might have something to do with my lack of stuff to do at work. That’s right, Jeremy and I still don’t have a phone or network access for our computers and we are told not to expect anything until at least next Friday. At least my workload has started to pick up. Even though my manager is in Houston this week and my supervisor is in Japan for another week and a half I have been given a few small tasks around the department. Maybe soon I will do something important enough to write about! Don’t hold your breath.

On Monday after the new hire orientation session in Long Beach I went bathing suit shopping and actually bought a bikini. Granted I tried on about twenty of them before deciding on one but the point is that I found one that looks good and I only went to one store. Believe it or not, there were several suits that I thought looked good but just one that I knew was perfect. Anyway, as soon as I bought the bathing suit I proceeded to the local ice cream store and got a chocolate milkshake. (They made it with VANILLA ice cream and Hershey’s syrup! That’s just not right.) Unfortunately for the shake I went to a rather intense kickboxing class at the Boeing Seal Beach facility that evening with two other interns, Rebecca and Beth. I am still a little stiff today from that workout but I loved it and I am going to continue to go on Monday nights. I am going to look good in that new bikini!

I am determined to make these entries short when I don’t have very much to write about. Work details will be posted at my internship website as soon as I can get them there. I am starved and it is only 4:15 PM. I’m going to the mall (which is almost next door to the Huntington Beach Boeing campus) and get a big juicy burger. Yum.

Weekend Update – 06.11.00

Sunday, June 11th, 2000

I love the weather here. If anything I didn’t bring enough long-sleeve shirts to wear in the evening when it gets a little cold. We have the windows open in our apartment all day because the cool breeze off the Pacific feels great. I have plenty of use for all of the jeans I brought and it’s not uncomfortable to have to wear pants to work. In Florida today I suspect that the temperature is in the upper nineties with humidity around eighty percent. Too bad it might barely reach eighty degrees in southern California today. I love the weather here.

Yesterday was designated a relaxation day for me so I didn’t get much accomplished. Rebecca and I went shopping along the beach and I found one store that had so many bikinis I wanted to try on it made me dizzy. I’ll have to go back and look for a suit when there aren’t so many people in the store. Today I have been more efficient. I went grocery shopping this morning while I figured everyone would be at church. Then I made a visit to the mall around the time it opened so it wouldn’t be too busy either. I just totaled up my receipts and I put over a hundred dollars worth of purchases on my credit card. The only justification for this was the fact that I needed some more work clothes. Most of the stores at the mall I had never heard of before but I found several that I really like. There was a Sanrio store there and I somehow kept myself from buying any Hello Kitty merchandise. I am tempted to go back, though. I guess the shopping trip was successful but I could still stand to have more clothes to wear to work.

Tomorrow all of the summer hires have to go to an orientation session at the Long Beach Boeing facility. From what I have heard this is not going to be a fun day. At least we are getting paid for it! Anyway, I don’t have to go to the office tomorrow and somehow that makes me more relaxed. I’m not sure why that’s the case since I don’t know where we have to be tomorrow or what time we have to be there. I figure everyone else is in the same boat and we will figure it out. Maybe by the time I get back to work on Tuesday I will have computer access, an email address, and a phone that works. I’m not asking for much here.

I got my Juno CD-ROM in the mail yesterday so now I have internet access on my laptop. I was so excited to be able to get online and I posted ten diary entries all at once. From now on the entries will just come one at a time and with more regularity. That all hinges on me having something to write about and that means I actually have to be given some work to do! Let’s hope life gets more interesting soon. That reminds me, I need to go pick up my pictures at the drug store. Soon I will have some scanned images from my trip across the country. Cool.

Building 49, Cubicle 2D07 – 06.08.00

Thursday, June 8th, 2000

I’ve had a couple of not very exciting days at work this week. I finally met my manager yesterday but I haven’t had much time to talk to him yet. I have a couple of supervisors in my department and one has given me some stuff to work on but the other is going to Japan tomorrow. There goes one of my chances to get some real work. I can only go so long at work without having a definite project in my hands. For the last couple of days I have been integrating some data for the STS-100 space shuttle mission that has already flown. One of my supervisors told me that I am supposed to be getting used to the material before I get started on something bigger. I made a copy of a 250-page report for Italian hardware that I am supposed to compile into a presentation of the important load data. Supposedly I am going to start this soon so let’s hope that time comes before I go crazy having so little to do.

Jeremy and I still don’t have a phone line or access to the internet for our ancient computers. We were using these amenities in an empty cubicle one office down from ours but today someone moved into it. Now we are stuck without any way to contact the world outside our little space and the process of getting our office wired seems to be going slowly. The kicker is that this new guy is training a dog for Canine Companions for Independence and he brought him to work. No one else could understand why I am afraid of dogs – even if this one looked really friendly.

It’s almost the weekend! I already have a list of things I want to do between tomorrow afternoon and Sunday night. My first thought is that I need some more work clothes because I am already recycling my pants (I only have four pair that are suitable for work). A girl can always use more clothes and I am sure there are some great places to shop in the greater Los Angeles area. There is a neat stained glass shop that I pass on my walk along Seal Beach and I am determined to visit it with the intention of buying sometime this weekend. I need to get Katherine a birthday present and there are some beautiful angels there. I am going to take my camera with me to the beach and take some pictures too. Anyway, I have no idea exactly when I am going to do all of the things I want to but my goal is to check off everything on the “to do” list by the time I go to bed on Sunday. I need to call Stuart also.

Today one of my supervisors asked me to keep a log of the work I do this summer so I can write a report when the internship is over. That’s actually pretty funny since I was planning to do exactly that anyway. I have already established a little webpage for my internship but I haven’t posted everything there yet. The URL is in case you ever want to read about what I am working on at Boeing in the shuttle cargo load and stress department. I promise to have something new there as soon as possible.

On the Mayflower – 06.06.00

Tuesday, June 6th, 2000

The title of this entry refers not only to a comment I heard at work today but also to my day itself. Someone at work said, “This machine came over on the Mayflower,” speaking about a computer in the department. I feel like the day lasted as long as the voyage. Today was my second day at Boeing and my manager was still unavailable for me to meet. Jeremy and I were escorted to our department this morning at 8 AM where we met a lot of people and got settled into our shared cubicle. He and I are with different groups but since the two work so closely together they are in the same area of the building. I can’t say our office is glamorous – in fact we don’t even have a phone that works yet. It seems that the cubicle hasn’t been used in quite sometime (one of the computers was booted up today for the first time since daylight savings time) and nothing really works.

My first assignment at work was a lot of reading. I was given the space shuttle manual to look over since I am going to be working on shuttle payloads but the funny thing is that the book was printed in 1978. Do you remember that the first shuttle flight was in 1981? I find it very humorous that I was reading the “handbook” for a spacecraft that hadn’t even been flown yet. I did find out some interesting stuff about the shuttle cargo bay and how they decide how to arrange the payload to meet certain requirements for center of gravity and loads. I wish I could say exactly what I will be doing this summer but I still don’t have a very good idea. I spent most of my time today filling out my travel reimbursement forms, reading the shuttle manual, and listening to people explain what jobs the department handles. Sometimes the older employees oversimplify things when they talk to me and I just want to say, “I know that!” Anyway, that’s beside the point. Tomorrow I don’t have to walk a mile to my building (I found out where to park) and maybe I’ll get some real work.

Ocean Avenue – 06.05.00

Monday, June 5th, 2000

I went walking tonight along Ocean Avenue, the road on Seal Beach, and there are some beautiful houses there. I can’t tell if the owners are just very rich to own a home so close to the beach or whether they just have rich tastes. Almost all of the houses have gardens with lots of flowers. You can smell them as you walk by and that’s such a nice thing. I told Stuart that the mountains were not visible from Seal Beach because of the heavy smog but that’s apparently not always the case. As I was walking tonight around sunset it was easy to look across the water to Long Beach and see the mountains in the background. There are oilrigs somewhat out to sea and several barges are always cruising along the horizon. I know these things are symbols of our over-industrialized west coast but it is still a beautiful picture at sunset. Sometime I will take my camera on a walk and take pictures so I can show everyone what I am seeing. It’s sometimes hard to believe that I am really in California and I will be here until the end of the summer. I guess I am still not used to the change.

Today was my first day of work at Boeing. All of the interns arrived at the Huntington Beach facility at 7:30 AM to get our ID badges. I was driving to the plant alone today and that was a little bit stressful not knowing exactly where I was going. Everyone expected us to stay at the badge office forever but we got out of there in a few hours. To kill time before we were supposed to be meeting our individual managers we took a tour of the Delta II, Delta IV, and International Space Station (ISS) buildings. Finally I found out that I am going to be working space shuttle dynamics this summer. I wish I could tell you exactly what that means but I have yet to find out myself. I didn’t get a chance to meet my direct manager today because they were not expecting the interns to show up until tomorrow. I guess I’ll have more to tell you tomorrow. Another one of the interns, Jeremy, is working in the same building and on the same project as I am so we are supposed to carpool tomorrow. I got extremely lost coming home today and I don’t want to have a repeat performance. I am just relieved that this first day is over.

All of my roommates are gone right now. I have already made my lunch for tomorrow and taken care of my travel expense report for my manager to sign. I am watching “Gilligan’s Island” on TV and yawning. I am very tired after being up since 6 AM so I really should take a shower and go to bed. This morning our sinks backed up and the water almost spilled out. I called maintenance before we left for work but the problem didn’t get fixed until we got back from work. Let’s just hope that it is fixed and we won’t have to worry about that again. I need to go find something to wear to work tomorrow. This weekend I will go shopping for some new work clothes and shoes. Your basic California weekend fore me!