Independence Day – 07.04.00

Boeing is paying for me to relax today. That’s right, the Fourth of July is a paid holiday for all employees – even coops and interns. So what have I done today to celebrate this small amount of freedom? What I am going to tell you might be shocking so brace yourself.

Sarah and I got up at 5:30 AM (which is a half hour earlier than usual for those of you who don’t know what time I get up for work on weekdays). We left the apartment at 6 AM headed for Huntington Beach and the annual Fourth of July 5k race. Now those of you who know me are saying, “Lauren doesn’t run!” You are absolutely right – I hate running besides the fact that I am completely terrible at it. Luckily I wasn’t the one participant who was planning to walk the entire route. The funny thing is that I wasn’t even close to the end of the pack by the end of the race either. I kept a good pace (my muscles ached until they got warm so I know I was walking pretty fast for me) the whole time and finished in forty-two minutes flat. Figuring that five kilometers is about three and a third miles – 1 mile = approx. 1.5 kilometers – that means I was walking faster than my usual four miles an hour. I am proud of my time even if I only beat the people who were intending to run the race and then pooped out halfway through. Sarah is quite the runner and she was happy with her time of about twenty-two minutes. I am impressed but since I am the worst runner on the face of the earth just running for that long seems like a miracle to me.

After the races (yes there were several) were over Sarah and I stayed for the parade. Boeing had a float in the procession and we just wanted to see it before we left. The parade started at 10 AM. The sun came out. Two and half hours later the Boeing float lumbered towards. By that time our rear ends were screaming at us, the sun had burned our exposed skin (even after we applied sunscreen that one woman was kind enough to give us), and at least half of the parade viewers had left. The float was pretty impressive but it was unfortunate for both us and them considering that it was the 315th entry. There were other interesting things to see in the parade, though. Two of the celebrity guests were Alan Thicke of “Growing Pains” fame and the actor who plays Mr. Belding on “Saved by the Bell” – I can’t remember his name. I can’t believe how sunburned I got today. I put on sunscreen before I left and once during the parade but that wasn’t enough to keep me protected. My skin is radiating heat and my face is bright red. I don’t even like for my face to be tan at all and now this. I guess I’m just a big baby. I’ll be more careful next Fourth of July.

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