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The Block – 08.30.00

Wednesday, August 30th, 2000

I have a case of writer’s block. Besides the fact that my classes, my sorority, and my need for sleep have been keeping me busy almost every minute of the day I haven’t found any inspiration to write a diary entry when I do find some time. Everyday I think of something I want to write about but at the time there is no way I can record it for later use. I am just hoping that sometime soon I will be sitting at my computer, the writing bug will bite, and my faithful readers will have pages upon pages about my recent activities to read. Until then you will have to be satisfied with this short paragraph expressing my sincerest regret at not keeping up with this webpage. (Maybe I am the only one who is saddened at the state of it right now but I am hoping that somehow that is not the case.)

I have class again in about forty-five minutes. The plan was to walk to Eckerd’s between my last two classes today but it looks like rain now and I am not about to get caught outside in a thunderstorm. That’s summertime in Florida for you. The errands will have to wait until tomorrow. (Perhaps this isn’t the most interesting news but it’s all I got right now!)

Hello Desert – 08.16.00

Wednesday, August 16th, 2000

Starting Point: Seal Beach, CA
Ending Point: Tucson, AZ

So my dad and I drove through the deserts of California and Arizona today. I was sad to leave the cool ocean breezes of the Pacific Coast this morning and somehow seeing the numbers 107 on a temperature reading this afternoon didn’t make it any better. Out here the heat is different than in Florida because there is very little humidity but it still feels like it’s going to beat you down. I don’t think I could live in the desert but I have been spoiled all summer by the weather and look what I am going home to. The entertainment for the day was the audio version of The Hobbit and that was delightful. I did only drive for a few hours, though, because it was putting me to sleep! Anyway, our drive was uneventful today (dull is another way to put it) and we arrived in Tucson tonight very tired.

My last two days of work were somewhat less demanding than I expected. My supervisor told me that he wasn’t going to work on the technical memorandum for awhile so that project was not available to keep me busy. I spent all of my time cleaning out my desk and my computer files. This turned out not to be an easy task because I had to find out who owned each of the documents that had been accumulating on my desk. At lunch I met with Mark and others from UF to talk about recruiting there this fall. Since I am going to be the only one actually on campus this coming semester I am taking on most of the responsibility for these plans. We’ll have to see what happens on that subject. I checked out of Boeing yesterday at 3 PM and that was the end of my summer internship. I can say that I did learn a lot about the aerospace industry even if my job wasn’t the most exciting.

I don’t think there will be any reason for me to write more diary entries about my trip home. I can tell you exactly what is going to happen right now – we’re gonna drive as far as possible each day. Tomorrow we have a hotel reservation in Ft. Stockton, TX so that’s where we are planning to be. The next two nights will probably be spent in Houston, TX and Mobile, AL as long has everything goes as planned. Somehow the trip home isn’t nearly as fun as the trip to California. The lack of sightseeing and anticipation seems to make driving all day rather boring. Go figure.

Leaving “Hotel California” – 08.15.00

Tuesday, August 15th, 2000

I am leaving California tomorrow morning as soon as I decide that the morning rush “hour” is over. Soon I will be back in the hot and humid climate of north Florida. Ah, the injustice of it all. Perhaps I will have a chance to post entries on my reverse journey across the country so check back if you feel so inclined.

Whirlwind – 08.13.00

Sunday, August 13th, 2000

I have to take a moment and wonder how long my heart rate has been up this high. What have I been doing today? One word – packing. There are two boxes of stuff sitting by the door so I can mail them to Gainesville tomorrow on my lunch break. The rest of my belongings need to fit into the remaining boxes and fit in my car at the same time. That’s the challenge in this whole “packing” routine. Every college student knows what I am talking about. I shudder when I think about how many boxes I am going to have to unpack when I get back to school and it gets worse when I realize I am going to have less than twenty-four hours to do it.

So it has been a while since I have written an entry. Fortunately this time it means that I have been busy during my last week or so in California. I started working overtime again this past week because my supervisor came back from vacation and he has had plenty for me to do since then. We are still working on the same technical memorandum (TM) and I have serious doubts about getting it even out of our department by the time I check out on Tuesday. Last week I had to turn in a letter of resignation and the hours I was planning to work this coming Monday and Tuesday. I said ten hours on Monday and eight on Tuesday but I guarantee it will be more than that if I want to tie up all possible loose ends. Yesterday I went into work at 8 AM (yes, on Saturday again) and started cleaning out my desk. I am about half done. Another thing I have to take care of by 3:30 PM on Tuesday.

Rebecca moved out on Thursday and that seemed to start the whole ending process for the summer. I made tacos for the whole apartment on Wednesday night so that all four of us could have dinner at the same time and sort of say goodbye to each other. I know that I am not going to think about missing anything or anyone until I get out of town on Wednesday. As soon as my brain has something to think about besides packing and my cross-country trek it will probably drift back to this week and wonder why I didn’t do more with the time I had. Right now all I am thinking about is what time I can get to bed and not feel guilty about the mess in my closet. On Friday I brought cupcakes to the office to treat everyone on Jeremy’s last day of work. They seemed to be a hit. It’s funny how much I know about Jeremy just because we shared a cubicle for the summer. At the time he was walking out of the office for the last time I was in my supervisor’s cubicle revising that stupid TM for the fiftieth time that day and he came around to say goodbye. I was sad. I didn’t see that coming but sharing my cubicle was rather a nice experience because I could never say that I didn’t have someone to bitch to when things got crazy. I am going to miss this working environment even if I won’t really miss the job.

Also yesterday I went on a tour of the Boeing Palmdale facility. The space shuttle orbiter Columbia is housed there for the time being while undergoing an overhaul. All of the orbiters are scheduled to fly dozens of missions over the next few years to complete the construction of the International Space Station (ISS). Anyway, we did indeed get to see the orbiter but I can’t say that the tour was even as good as when I went to the Kennedy Space Center in April. That and it is a two-hour drive into the desert to get to Palmdale where it is 110 degrees in the middle of the day – not the best situation possible. I slept all the way to Palmdale and most of the way back. That would have been great if it kept me from being tired later in the day. I went to the end-of-the-summer barbeque for the co-ops and interns last night and I just wanted to sleep through the whole thing. It was nice to be able to talk to the people I knew and others that I just met. Sometimes older Boeing employees view interns as little kids but when they actually get a chance to talk to us they see something different. Maybe we do know a little about the engineering world after all!

It’s nine o’clock now and my plan is to be asleep in two hours. Wish me luck because this could be a tall order to fill. I will try and write again before I leave LA on Wednesday but I am planning to have internet access on route so maybe I can post updates along the way. Life is being kicked into high gear right about now and I am nervous about keeping up with the pace.

Dull But Delightful – 08.05.00

Saturday, August 5th, 2000

I just got back from my weekly grocery shopping trip and the Ben & Jerry’s I bought has already been partaken of. I really have no self-control when it comes to sweets. At least I got frozen yogurt instead of regular ice cream. When I was at the store I realized that I will only have to make one more trip there before I leave California since I will only be here for another week and half. I hope I don’t have too much leftover food when I go.

Lots of movies have been on TV today and I have been the lazy bum to watch as many of them as possible. Right now I am sitting in front of the TV that is playing “The Blue Lagoon.” There are several other things I need to be doing instead of this but I am writing this entry at the same time so I consider it time well spent. Does anyone remember that movie from several years ago called “Three Ninjas” from the summer when all of the kids’ movies were about karate? I recall going to see that at the theater with my brother and his friends. Yes, I realize it wasn’t the best movie now that I have seen it again but there were some funny moments and one-liners that I could appreciate. In fact, I probably understood them better being older than the last time I watched.

My week at work wasn’t too exciting. I was back to working a forty hour week since my manager wasn’t too pleased to see the number of hours on my timecard for last week. (By the way, I did get a $700 paycheck for those long hours. That’s not as much as I expected but it’ll do.) Since I have been working on several documents this week was the time to get them approved by higher-level management. So I had the joy of sitting around and waiting for revisions and signatures. I am glad I only spent forty hours at work this week – any more would have been torture. On Monday, when my supervisor gets back from his vacation, I am sure I will have more than enough work to keep me busy. If I can be busy until the day I walk out of Boeing that will be a true blessing. We’ll see what happens.

I guess I don’t really have a lot to say right now. My weekend has been dull but delightful so far. I need to clean the apartment tomorrow because it is really dirty right now. I also need to buy a knee brace so that I can exercise without worrying about my bad knee so much. Right now I need a shower. That’s something I can take care of immediately.

Intermediate Notes – 08.04.00

Friday, August 4th, 2000

I am planning to see the movie “Space Cowboys” sometime within the next week and I just read a funny article about it on Go and read it for yourself. By the way, part of the movie was filmed at the Boeing-Downey facility which is north of where I work.