Feeling Sorry for Myself – 11.07.00

I never thought I would ever hear Dan Rather use the phrase “the mother-load” but you never know what will come to pass during a presidential election. At this moment the nation is still waiting to hear the final results of the extremely close and highly controversial election for our next president. I was quite excited to have the opportunity to vote today, even though it required me walking for an hour to do so. I didn’t realize how far away my voting precinct was until I decided to take a stroll that way this afternoon. In order to make the trip and cast my vote I had to skip my experimental methods lab section and get extremely sweaty on the way. It seems like a lot of trouble for a little “I Voted” sticker. The need for each and every vote is critical this year, however, since the pre-election numbers were showing such small margins between Bush and Gore. For that reason I knew that I needed to get to the polls today and I was lucky that missing my lab was no big deal this week. We’ll have to wait and see how the Electoral College turns out.

I thought of the title for this entry while I was in the shower but now, as I reconsider it, the day hasn’t been as bad as it seemed then. Besides having to take that hour-long walk to the voting precinct there were several other things that collectively made my day practically a waste of time. I was under the impression that Mark and the other Boeing recruiters were going to set up their display in the New Engineering Building atrium today so I paged him this morning at 7:45 AM as I was walking to class. He called me back only to let me know that his plans had changed and he was still in Daytona. That made my life easier because I wasn’t sure how the whole display thing was going to work anyway but I was upset that I didn’t know about the changes earlier. So I got through class and my voting episode with little thought towards Boeing. Soon after I arrived back at my house, very sweaty but sporting my “I Voted” sticker, I had to leave and meet the recruiters at the Reitz Union. Let me just say now that only about twenty people showed up for the “Meet the Recruiter” presentation and that upset me. Considering the work I put into this, with the reservations and fliers and emails and such, I am one to take personal offense to the lack of warm bodies in that auditorium. Mark told me not to be disappointed about the bad turnout and that this sort of thing happens even at MIT but sometimes I can’t be comforted for something that I perceive to be my fault. It will be a real blow to UF if few interns and co-ops are hired from here so let’s hope that the two days of interviews to come are more successful than tonight’s presentation attendance.

There are some positive developments that have surfaced from Mark’s visit already. One of the recruiters is a director from Boeing Southern California (ranking just below a vice-president) and she seemed very excited to meet another female engineer, especially one that could be a potential employee in the future. I was talking to her and Mark about the kind of job I would like to have for this summer and fall and they mentioned that I might be able to work on propulsion for the Integrated Defense System (IDS) which is brand new and top secret. Since I have been having such a hard time getting any companies to even interview me for an internship for this summer I am glad to have at least one job offer pretty much wrapped up. If I do end up at Boeing again I want a job that lasts for the summer and the fall. There is still a lot of time for me to consider all of my opportunities so I will come back to this subject later when there is more information on it.

I left my IPPD group meeting early tonight because I was just sitting there feeling sorry for myself and not being very productive. All it took was a good cry to get all of these problems out of my mind. I need to set my sights on opportunities of tomorrow rather than dwelling on the despairs of today. I just look at the clock and it is 1 AM. CNN is still debating the Bush/Gore presidential bids. The Electoral College right now reads 246 for Bush and 242 for Gore – too close for me. Florida still hasn’t been decided. It’s time for bed.

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