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Tell Me a Story – 04.28.01

Saturday, April 28th, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“If you are a student you should always get a good night’s sleep unless you have come to the good part of your book, and then you should stay up all night and let your schoolwork fall by the wayside.”
The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 5)

I was thinking the other day when I said to myself, “I’m a sucker for a good story.” As soon as that thought ran through my brain I realized that it wasn’t the whole truth. It’s not usually the story that entrances me but the characters in the story. I don’t care if they appear in a book, in a movie, or on TV a great character makes all the difference in any form of entertainment. Even if the story isn’t as interesting or exciting as it could be, if the characters involved have been developed carefully they become more important than what they are doing. Lloyd Alexander, one of my favorite authors, has written books filled with characters who capture your attention. Years ago when I was reading the Chronicles of Pyrdain, a series by Alexander that I discovered when I was about ten years old, I made a list of attributes of his writing that made me love the books. I’ll try and find that list when I am at home and post it here. There were about a half dozen items that I had recognized in Alexander’s writing, probably because I had read this five-book series about ten times by the time I finished high school, and I still remember how satisfying it was to write them down. It was a complete list, as I remember, in that it completely described why these books were so worn from frequent handling. Often it is hard, if not impossible, to put into words why you love something so when it can be done you know that something is very special. This applies to anything – not just books, or movies, or TV. I just don’t think about movies or TV shows as much as I think about stories. They stimulate the mind in a way that nothing else can, and have a way of provoking thoughts and feelings that would never have surfaced in their absence. Can I contribute all of this to a story’s characters? Probably not, but I can say that I believe that the characters make the story rather than the other way around.

When I was in Europe I learned something interesting about the sculptor Michelangelo. Apparently he saw himself as trying to uncover the piece of art that was already inside a block of marble rather than being the one to make it into his own creation. That struck me as an approach that was probably very different than his contemporary’s ideas. I remembered this little bit of information when I was thinking about the Philip Pullman trilogy that I finished a couple of weeks ago. (Coincidentally, my dad is reading the last book right now.) I am not much of an author myself but I have written a lot of poetry in the past and sometimes I have had the feeling that, rather than me writing it, it was writing me. It’s like all of a sudden you are connected to a force or an energy that gives you the words you are looking for without any effort. When I was writing a poem and the form, the rhyming, and the rhythm came easily it made me feel as if it wasn’t just me involved in its creation. The words were meant to come together in that way and my notebook was just the medium used to bring it into existence.

Tomorrow has to be more productive than today. If it’s not I am going to be in a lot of trouble. Let’s just leave it at that rather than going into my list of things to do again. I know that topic is getting old. Tonight I think I am just going to bury myself in my most current book and get a full night’s sleep. Nothing will help me get more work done tomorrow than that. Hopefully I won’t get to “the good part” of my book tonight or else I will have to follow the directions of the quote of the day!

The Worst is Over – 04.27.01

Friday, April 27th, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“Power is when we have every justification to kill and we don’t.”
Oskar Schindler, “Schlindler’s List”

Apparently Schlotzsky’s picks up the “Lauren’s favorite music” radio station. As I was enjoying some of my favorite songs today, during my weekly pepperoni pizza stop, I realized that every time I write about music I have been inspired by something I heard at my beloved fast food restaurant. Considering the poor range of music available in Gainesville it is nice to know there is one place I can go and not offend my ears. However I did hear one song today that gave me a funny thought – some songs are just doomed from the start. When you are working on a song called “Easy Like Sunday Morning” you should start looking either for a better songwriter or another line of work. Just as you can tell that a song will be a hit the first time you hear it you can also tell if it will be a flop. It’s really not that hard.

It’s funny how fashion around the Alpha Chi Omega houses changes at the start of final exams. During the semester my sisters and I do our best to dress nicely in order to present a good image on campus but after classes are over we don’t go to as much trouble. The standard outfit now consists of old Alpha Chi shirts, jean shorts, and tennis shoes. Somehow we all get the idea to wear this at the same time without talking to each other about it. This happens more often than I would like to admit. Sorority girls already have the reputation of being exactly alike without one of them actually admitting it. But that doesn’t make it true in all respects. Subconsciously you surround yourself with people who think like you so it won’t surprise me when all of my sisters show up for our exam week party on Sunday wearing t-shirts, pajama pants, and flip-flops. So if you see a sorority sister during final exams and she isn’t dressing as nicely as she does during the semester you’ll know why.

I saw a sign advertising wine tasting in front of ABC Liquor this afternoon. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this establishment it is a one-stop place to buy any kind of alcohol you can imagine. Maybe I don’t have a clue what a wine tasting really is but I picture one taking place somewhere like a wine cellar with mean in tuxedos and women in cocktail dresses. This idea is probably greatly influenced by movies and TV but since I have no other contact with such events other than that I don’t think you can expect much more. I have only tried wine a couple of times but I haven’t liked any kind so far. I am sure that somewhere there is a wine that I would enjoy, however I wouldn’t like to find it in an ABC Liquor store.

The worst part of the semester has passed. I only have one more assignment to do by next Friday but it is going to take quite a long time to complete (at least from the way I see it now). There is still a long list of things to take care of before I depart Gainesville in a week. Today I registered for my one-credit internship course for the fall so that is an important item to check off the list. Every semester I marvel at how much activity can be crammed into a couple of weeks. Somehow I choose to forget this fact between periods of final exams and maybe that’s for the best. It won’t be long before all of my belongings are out of this room that I have been living in for the past two years and I won’t be back to until January. I am not sure how I feel about that yet.

I was talking to my parents tonight about various important subjects. My dad and I are in the process of planning a rough schedule for our drive from Tallahassee to Los Angeles. As of today we are planning to leave on Thursday, May 10. That’s less than two weeks from now. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet either. Our trip is a little more structured than last summer considering we are going to visit some graduate schools on the way rather than just sightsee. That means it all has to be arranged before my car leaves the driveway. I as talking to my mom about the top secret clearance papers I have to fill out for Boeing and making sure I had all the information I needed to complete them. Would you believe that I have moved ten times in the past ten years? Needless to say I needed to continue listing my residences on a separate sheet of paper because the official form didn’t supply enough space to list them all. I also had to state that I have never been part of a group that planned to forcefully overthrow the government. That’s hard to believe, isn’t it? So now I am going to bed knowing that those papers will be in the mail tomorrow. One more thing to mark off my list.

Conversations with Myself – 04.21.01

Saturday, April 21st, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“Life goes so quickly that it is a good idea to stop and reflect on what you’re doing.”
Jan Gleason

Someone asked me the other day if I was the kind of person who had a routine. A few years ago I might have thought about the implications of that question before replying but at the time my answer was a resounding yes. In the past this inquiry would probably have bothered me because I was always worried about how I appeared to others. As I have gotten older other’s opinion’s of me have become less important. Of course I will always want certain people to think well of me – my family, my very close friends, and my cats – but looking “cool” to the rest of the world is hardly even a consideration to me anymore. As long as I am comfortable with how I look, how I act, and how I interact with others that is the only approval that is necessary. According to Fortune from “Rudy,” “In this life, you don’t have to prove nothin’ to nobody but yourself.” It took my twenty-two years to realize the truth of that statement. Anyway, back to the story I was telling at the beginning of that paragraph. I am the kind of person who thrives on having a routine in my daily life. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my spontaneous moments; I just enjoy the regularity of planning what I am going to do each day. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Looking great is the best revenge. I want to start this paragraph of with that statement but I won’t elaborate on it further for fear of saying something inappropriate. Those of you who know what I am talking about will understand. I like guys to look at me – what girl doesn’t? But as I was sitting at Schlotzsky’s tonight watching teenage boys ogle two girls across the restaurant I had an interesting conversation with myself. (Do you ever have conversations with yourself? I do quite often and it has helped me figure out who I am. Listening to your inner voice brings out thoughts and feelings embedded deep inside that define your character.) If I were given the choice to be unbelievably beautiful or to have an incredible body I would have to say no. Not that I don’t think I am pretty but I would rather stay the way I am than be more attractive. Does that sound strange? When I first said that to myself I thought it did but there is a valid explanation that goes along with that decision. Once in high school a guy dated me because he thought I had a great body and then he broke up with me a month later because we had very little in common otherwise. The reason I don’t want to be more physically desirable is I don’t want to attract more guys who will do the same thing. When a guy falls in love with me I want it to be because I am interesting on the inside. I want him to think I am smart, funny, and kind and to see me as more beautiful because of those qualities. I don’t think my personality would make as much of an impression on someone if they couldn’t see past the aesthetics of my body. I remember a guy in high school who all of the girls thought was incredibly hot. The only thing I could see when I looked at him was that he was a horrible person. Apparently this wasn’t very important to most other females because they always looked at him as if he were a god. To me he was ugly on the outside (no matter what he looked like) because he was ugly on the inside. So, in my mind, being the plain but confident girl that I am has its advantages. One day I will find a guy who feels the same way about this as I do and we will live happily ever after.

I guess I should mention a little bit about what has been happening in the past week. When I tried to sit down and write about them in detail this morning I realized that they aren’t worth discussing in great detail, however. I would like to say that launches at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) are much more fun when the shuttle doesn’t go behind a cloud thirty seconds into its ascent. As the Mod SQUAD stood in the parking lot next to the Vehicle Assembly Building at 2:41 PM on Thursday with all of the other employees, we watched the shuttle Endeavor lift off on its way to the International Space Station. Too bad there was a large cloud between us and the shuttle’s path out of the atmosphere. The launch took place after we gave our final project presentation to a room full of engineers that morning. There are only a few other things to finish before I can close the book on IPPD forever. Yes, I am very happy at this prospect. Last night was the annual aerospace departmental banquet and it was a lot of fun. The students in the department always hang out in class or between classes but rarely do we spend time together away from the engineering buildings. This event is our excuse to dress up, parade around, and eat a catered meal with each other. I would like to mention that I bought the dress and shows I wore last night about two hours before I left for the banquet. And I looked great too! The people I have spent the past four years with are very cool people and I am going to miss them next year when I am away. Who else knows such incriminating stuff about me? Things are going to be very different when I get back to Gainesville next January. Only a few people I know will still be undergraduate or graduate students then. Most of my friends are graduating and leaving this town as fast as they can. Jobs or graduate schools await them on the other side of the degree they will receive in two weeks. It makes me sad it think I might not ever see them again.

I would like to finish with a list of the things I have to do this week so you will know why I don’t post another diary entry until next weekend. Just listing these makes me frightened.

1) Experimental methods take-home problem due Tuesday
2) Experimental methods final exam Tuesday
3) Finite element analysis project due Wednesday
4) Propulsion homework due Wednesday
5) Propulsion take-home final exam due Thursday
6) Experimental methods lab report due Friday
7) Stability and control of spacecraft project/final exam due ???

A Look Ahead – 04.16.01

Monday, April 16th, 2001

My schedule for the week:

Monday, April 16
1) Alpha Chi Omega chapter meeting after dinner

Tuesday, April 17
1) Experimental lab report 5 and prelab 6 due
2) Tonya’s birthday table at dinner
3) Senior wills and prophesies at dinner

Wednesday, April 18
1) Finite Element Methods exam

Thursday, April 19
1) Mod SQUAD trip to Kennedy Space Center (all day)
2) Shuttle launch at 2:30 PM

Friday, April 20
1) Aerospace department undergraduate paper conference (all day)
2) Aerospace department banquet

Besides these important events that are taking place this week I have many other small things to do in preparation for the end of the semester. I have two major projects due before final exam week plus the actual tests to study for. Last week my last final exam was made optional so there is a possibility that the semester will end a few days early for me. That would be great considering how much packing, scheduling, and arranging I have to do by May 4. Moving out of the room I have occupied for the past two years is no simple task and relocating to California isn’t any easier. So I am going to spend any free time this week crossing things off my to do list.

Passion and Power – 04.14.01

Saturday, April 14th, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“Falling in and out of love is the toughest thing I have ever had to deal with (except the occasional thermodynamics problem).”
Shrew’s News (my old diary), 06.09.99

I have read books that have made me cry before but The Amber Spyglass was the first one that has made me sob. Last night I read the last eighty pages in one sitting because I couldn’t imagine waiting until the morning to finish the book. Despite my immense joy at some of the events in the story it didn’t end the way I would have liked. My eyes welled with tears about halfway through the last chapter and I found myself sobbing soon after. I don’t want to give away the ending for my dad since I am passing the trilogy off to him today so I will say no more. This wasn’t the kind of book you can finish, slam the back cover shut, and set aside with a sigh of contentment knowing that it concluded the way it should have. When I read the final words, my vision blurred with crying, I clutched the volume to my chest and wondered what happened next. What incredible power. My mind was so agitated by this story that I couldn’t fall asleep immediately last night due to the speculations that were running through my head. What had happened to Lyra (the main character) after that last paragraph? I remember finishing The Return of the King and feeling sad but satisfied by the outcome. It was late at night when I finished that book also but I went to sleep quickly and easily then. It was a different kind of power – one that makes you feel as if everything in the world is going to transpire just as it was planned. Last night I was lying awake wondering if the things that are meant to happen do occur but don’t always make everyone happy. I had to turn off my brain before I could go to sleep. Such thoughts bring out the philosopher in each of us and that state of mind isn’t conducive to easy slumber. Sometimes I form such emotional attachments to fictional characters that I worry about how they lived when the written story ended. I can see myself in their nature. I can sympathize with their feelings. I can wish I was there beside them to offer my help. Is this crazy? I don’t think so. Sometimes the world that we live in isn’t the most exciting one you can find, as Lyra discovered, and you need to go searching for one that will make you feel like no matter what happens you will always have a friend to turn to – even if he or she only exists on paper.

As the Week Ends – 04.13.01

Friday, April 13th, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“Remember this is America, boys. Just because you get more votes doesn’t mean you win.”
Mulder, “The X-Files” – “Three Words”

Have you ever had to put down a book just because you have been reading so long that your eyesight gets blurry and the words run together on the page? As of this afternoon I am about eighty pages from the end of The Amber Spyglass, the third book in a Philip Pullman trilogy that I am enjoying immensely, and fatigue forced me to put it down after two hours. The feeling of exhilaration you feel when what you think should happen actually takes places is breathtaking and extremely powerful. If you are waiting for a certain outcome and the story is coming to a close your heart starts racing and you read the sentences slowly as events unfold, hoping that it all turns out right. The written word is so powerful. Very few movies can touch you that deeply. Something about recreating a story in your mind makes you more a part of it than having it presented to you on a screen ever could. Not that movies haven’t brought out strong emotions in me before but books just seem to be more effective more often. As I was reading this afternoon I thought about my friends who don’t read for pleasure – I think they’re missing a lot and they’ll never know it.

The aerospace engineering department banquet is next Friday and, at risk of sounding like a ditz, I have nothing to wear. Looking through my closet every possible dress I have is either too small, doesn’t match any of the shoes I own, or was worn last year to the same function. (Regarding that third complaint, probably no one would notice if I wore that dress again but I would rather seem materialistic and have something new.) So I went shopping tonight on a mission to find an outfit for next Friday. As I was trying on a couple of dresses I had a personal revelation. These were the kinds of dresses I would have worn in high school and something inside me doesn’t want to be that teenager anymore. I don’t want to go to the banquet looking like the girl I was four years ago – I want to look like the college senior that I am right now. When I look at my senior picture from the summer of 1996 I don’t look very different now than I did then. I feel very different, however. I have always insisted that I want to be a “kid” for the rest of my life but now I know that only means I want to avoid the seemingly heavy burdens of adulthood, not the personal confidence that I have discovered as I have gotten older. This is a predicament for me. I am far from feeling like a woman and just moving away from feeling like a child. So how do I classify myself? When my parents were my age they got married. I wonder if either one of them had this same internal battle at the time. Such a profound thought to emerge from a piece of clothing! Needless to say I put those dresses back and kept on looking for one that fit my mental age. I didn’t find anything. Where can you find appropriate clothes for the female between childhood and womanhood?

The chick on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” just got a really easy question for $64,000. When I watch quiz shows I am always convinced I would do as well as any of the contestants but I know that is not true. I wasn’t even any good at high school brain bowl!

Wednesday was the final presentation for IPPD and that is the main reason my week has been so stressful. The Mod SQUAD was scheduled to be the first group to present our project since our sponsor is Boeing and we had to be at the Reitz Union at 8 AM. Everything went great after we got over our extreme anxiety when Andy (our main presenter) arrived late. For many groups this marked the end of their project but that is not the case for mine. We have a trip down to the Kennedy Space Center planned for next Thursday, coincidentally but not accidentally also the day of a shuttle launch, and that’s when we will turn in our final documentation to Boeing. I’ll be a very happy girl when we get back from that trip because I will no longer be in possession of my design notebook (we have to give them to our sponsor company) and in all other ways free of IPPD forever. I hope. I guess even if I didn’t get much engineering experience from this class I got some important insight into working with others in a group. Sharing a room for the past four years has made me more easygoing but sharing a design project with six other people has given me the conviction to stand up for myself and the ability to not question my self-confidence even when other do. Have these two experiences been counterproductive? I don’t think so. In my mind the art of interacting with others is very delicate and has equal parts defiance and submission. You have to learn when to stand up for yourself and when to let things go. This is very difficult and I am sure I will spend my entire life searching for the balance between these two actions but I am already on my way because of IPPD. Wow, something positive did come out it! I never thought it would be possible.

P.S. Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Strange Things – 04.07.01

Saturday, April 7th, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“This music would work better with women in bikinis shakin’ all over the place. I guess that’s true of any music, actually.”
“MST 3K”, “Diabolik” – aired 03.31.01 on the Sci-Fi Channel

Strange things have been happening in the past few days. I have always maintained that people should think before they speak and I have two cases from this week that support that notion. My sisters say the funniest things when they are drunk. On Thursday night I woke up at 2 AM to the sounds of two sisters talking to one of my suitemates through our bathroom window. When I went to shush them they looked into the bathroom and saw who was telling them to shut up. Of course my gesture of my finger over my lips didn’t register to them because they immediately started talking about me. They said my name explicitly so I knew this to be the case. They thought I had gone back into my room but somehow that doesn’t justify this conversation. One of the girls said that I was “pretty but scary.” I would have laughed out loud if I didn’t care about them knowing I was listening. I couldn’t care less about the “scary” part because anyone who really knows me can attest that I am anything but. The “pretty” part I take as a great compliment because it came from a sister who I do not believe has a good impression of me. So her comment made me feel pretty good but that doesn’t diminish the strangeness of the episode.

On Friday I was telling my IPPD group about the developments in regards to my co-op. The longer I think about what has happened the more upset it makes me. I am not going to be able to work in the area I am interested in and I won’t be able to start working when I get there because my top secret clearance won’t be granted by then. Anyway, I am not too happy about the situation. So as I was talking about this with the guys Melissa chimes in with, “Beggars can’t be choosers!” The only possible response to this remark was an open mouthed, “What?” I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. I was thinking, when did I become a beggar? The cliche just didn’t seem to fit and I was rather hurt at the implications it made about me. I certainly wasn’t scrounging for a job and then complaining about the only one I could find. Under the circumstances I think I am entitled to a little disappointment because budget cuts have all but ruined my chance of getting the experiences I needed before choosing a concentration for graduate school. If Melissa’s objective was to shut me up she was successful because I always get very self-conscious when people criticize something I say but she also insulted me. That was unwarranted, I believe. Think before you speak!

UF hosted the fifth annual Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) competition today and I was supposed to volunteer in the morning with set-up. The contest site is located about fifteen miles outside Gainesville and maps were given out to direct us there. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised to know that I got lost. My ability to misinterpret maps and driving directions is legendary. It doesn’t matter how clear they are – I will find a way to make sure that they are not followed correctly. I am convinced that you cannot acquire this malady but you must have been born with it. I was supposed to be at the field at 7 AM but due to a few wrong turns I arrived at 8 AM – too late to be of any help. I stayed long enough to watch the UF team make its winning reconnaissance run with a seven-inch wingspan plane. The purpose of the flight was to send a plane 600 meters away, take a picture of a target, and be able to identify what letter of the alphabet was written on it. This happened on the first attempt for UF. In the end no other school could accomplish the goal with a smaller plane. I left at 11 AM because I thought I had been in the sun too long. I got lost on the way back to Gainesville. At this point this shouldn’t surprise you. I thought I was going back exactly the way I had come but by the time I got to High Springs (a town north of Gainesville) I was sure that my route was severely flawed. After turning back I turned on the first road I knew would get me back into the city. Too bad it goes right past the football stadium and I picked my time to drive pass just as the Orange and Blue game was about to start. Let’s just say I was very glad to get home after all that. Congratulations to the UF MAV team on their win. I was glad I got a chance to see how it happened.

Bad TV – 04.05.01

Thursday, April 5th, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“Some movies just won’t stop and ask for directions.”
“MST 3K”, “Diabolik” – aired 03.31.01 on the Sci-Fi Channel

The funny thing about “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is that you get attached to a certain player. Sometimes it gets so bad that when they get a question right you feel like you gave them the answer and when they are about to make a mistake you feel responsible for their failure. Either my cable connection or my VCR (or both) is broken so I only have fourteen channels to choose from right now. I don’t know how to fix it myself but I am looking for a miracle to happen before Saturday morning when I have to tape “Mystery Science Theater.” Anyway, the guy I was rooting for just walked away with $125,000 so that’s not too shabby. At least he didn’t give up on a question I knew the answer to. Who knew that a museum in Detroit had to go to court to get ownership of Howdy Doody? I felt really bad for the lady who didn’t know that NASA landed a craft on an asteroid last month and the guy who didn’t know where the Marshall Space Flight Center was located. I really wish I had the conviction to turn off the TV or that there was something better on.

Mid-Week Considerations – 04.04.01

Wednesday, April 4th, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“Will Robinson, I will tell you a joke. Why did the robot cross the road? Because he was carbon bonded to the chicken!”
Robot, “Lost in Space”

Mark Lyden called me a little while ago. For those of you who don’t know, he’s the college recruiter at Boeing who got me hired for my summer and fall co-op for this year. It seems that there have been some budget changes within the company regarding the Delta rocket division and the group that originally hired me probably isn’t going to have the funds to pay me. So Mark called me to see if I would be interested in another position if the one I thought I was taking falls through. I was very excited about a job in a propulsion group since that is the area of aerospace engineering that I am interested in and I probably won’t be able to work in the same field if I can’t keep the job I was initially offered. But, to be perfectly honest, as long as I am not bored to death the whole time I don’t have a problem with another position. I just don’t want to say at the end of the six months that I wasted my time out there. I’ll get back to you in December with the answer to that.

IPPD is winding down. I know I promised in January that I wouldn’t write about it as much but I think I am entitled to discuss how happy I am that it is almost over. We have reached the final strides in this race and crossing the finish line is going to feel really good. Next Wednesday morning we have our final presentation for the industry representatives and then, if all goes as planned, we will be free. At the end of last semester I thought I would have a stronger connection with this project after its completion but now I know I was wrong. I will try not to jump for joy when I walk out of the presentation room or throw a major blowout party that night but I can’t promise that I won’t wear a triumphant smile. Maybe not every member of my IPPD group thinks that I have the right to take credit for the project’s success this semester but their thoughts have become less important to me than they used to be. This time next week I won’t have an excuse to ever mention this topic again.

This old Christmas episode of “Dawson’s Creek” is making me reminisce about the holidays. Speaking of holidays, Easter is coming soon. My parents are already planning to drop by Gainesville on their way home from a tennis tournament in Jacksonville on Easter Sunday and it is possible that my grandparents will be here that day also. We will just go out to lunch or something but it will be nice to see my family for a little while. It’s too bad that my mom and I won’t be able to go shopping because I need some more work clothes for this summer and I wouldn’t say no to some other new items. That will have to wait until I get home in May, I guess. Add that to the list of things to do during that week. Until then I need to consider what Easter presents I need to purchase. I already have some ideas so those will have to be taken care of this weekend. Add that to this list of things to do this Friday through Sunday.

I just realized that my last few diary entries have mentioned the TV show I was watching at the time. Even though I have to authority over what is on television at the hour I decide to sit down to type I think these references add depth to my entries like what book I am reading or what song I am listening to at the present moment. Does that make sense? It can be argued that individuals are defined by the people and things they surround themselves with so I think mentioning how I spend my time is important in describing my character. Anyway, I just thought I would justify the recent TV discussion so that you don’t think I have nothing better to write about.

Mulder is Back – 04.01.01

Sunday, April 1st, 2001

Quote of the Day:
“It’s impossible, and if it isn’t impossible it’s irrelevant, and if it isn’t either of those things, it’s embarrassing.”
Dr. Mary Malone, The Subtle Knife

Sometimes I know that my extreme emotional attachment to “The X-Files” is strange. A month ago when I thought Mulder was going to die after being literally dropped off after his alien abduction I almost cried. This show has been on the air for eight years and somewhere along the line I became so tangled up in it that I get withdrawal over the summer when only the reruns are shown. So tonight when Mulder was discovered to be alive again I couldn’t have been happier. The actual realization that David Duchovny was going to be back on the show as a regular occurred when I saw his badge had been added to the opening credits again. Yeah! You can’t imagine how ecstatic I was at the end of tonight’s episode when Mulder was himself again. It was the second time in two episode that I almost shed tears for the fictional characters I have grown so fond of. What will Chris Carter (X-Files creator) do with the rest of the season? That remains to be seen. It seems that TV ratings are happening again soon because every show is promising at least seven new episodes in the coming weeks towards the end of the season. This comes after a month of reruns, of course, but fans are forgiving when presented with new material.

Joan Rivers is making fun of Russell Crowe and his look at the Oscars last weekend. They were highlighting couples in this segment and the final duo was Russell Crowe and Russell Crowe. I don’t know if he took anyone to the Oscars Joan mentioned how happy “they” looked together when two of his pictures were placed side-by-side. The way he looked at the Oscars seemed to indicate that he would only be happy with himself as a date but I can only base that on my own opinion of his silly tux and hairstyle.

Why are people so unsympathetic towards people who are sick? I have a cold right now that is annoying me more than making me feel bad. So when I mentioned it today at a meeting the first response I got was, “don’t make me sick!” People are just self-centered at the core, I guess. No pity for the person who actually has to endure the illness (no matter how insignificant it is) just a generally repulsed reaction and an order to keep your distance. I think that is unbelievably rude. It’s not like I am around to infect you on purpose. I have better things to do! In the past I have been accused of being pitiless towards sick people (we’re talking short term viruses here, not cancer or anything) but I would never dream of saying, “stay away from me, I can’t afford to get sick.” How inconsiderate is that?

Besides our first run at the IPPD final presentation tomorrow afternoon this week promises to be quite dull. My duties at Alpha Chi Omega warden are winding down and should be all but finished when I am done administering the sister test to our newly initiated members. Too bad it’s a two-hour test and I have to give it on two different nights. If only I could kick this cold everything would be all right. Don’t worry, I’ll keep me distance.