Mulder is Back – 04.01.01

Quote of the Day:
“It’s impossible, and if it isn’t impossible it’s irrelevant, and if it isn’t either of those things, it’s embarrassing.”
Dr. Mary Malone, The Subtle Knife

Sometimes I know that my extreme emotional attachment to “The X-Files” is strange. A month ago when I thought Mulder was going to die after being literally dropped off after his alien abduction I almost cried. This show has been on the air for eight years and somewhere along the line I became so tangled up in it that I get withdrawal over the summer when only the reruns are shown. So tonight when Mulder was discovered to be alive again I couldn’t have been happier. The actual realization that David Duchovny was going to be back on the show as a regular occurred when I saw his badge had been added to the opening credits again. Yeah! You can’t imagine how ecstatic I was at the end of tonight’s episode when Mulder was himself again. It was the second time in two episode that I almost shed tears for the fictional characters I have grown so fond of. What will Chris Carter (X-Files creator) do with the rest of the season? That remains to be seen. It seems that TV ratings are happening again soon because every show is promising at least seven new episodes in the coming weeks towards the end of the season. This comes after a month of reruns, of course, but fans are forgiving when presented with new material.

Joan Rivers is making fun of Russell Crowe and his look at the Oscars last weekend. They were highlighting couples in this segment and the final duo was Russell Crowe and Russell Crowe. I don’t know if he took anyone to the Oscars Joan mentioned how happy “they” looked together when two of his pictures were placed side-by-side. The way he looked at the Oscars seemed to indicate that he would only be happy with himself as a date but I can only base that on my own opinion of his silly tux and hairstyle.

Why are people so unsympathetic towards people who are sick? I have a cold right now that is annoying me more than making me feel bad. So when I mentioned it today at a meeting the first response I got was, “don’t make me sick!” People are just self-centered at the core, I guess. No pity for the person who actually has to endure the illness (no matter how insignificant it is) just a generally repulsed reaction and an order to keep your distance. I think that is unbelievably rude. It’s not like I am around to infect you on purpose. I have better things to do! In the past I have been accused of being pitiless towards sick people (we’re talking short term viruses here, not cancer or anything) but I would never dream of saying, “stay away from me, I can’t afford to get sick.” How inconsiderate is that?

Besides our first run at the IPPD final presentation tomorrow afternoon this week promises to be quite dull. My duties at Alpha Chi Omega warden are winding down and should be all but finished when I am done administering the sister test to our newly initiated members. Too bad it’s a two-hour test and I have to give it on two different nights. If only I could kick this cold everything would be all right. Don’t worry, I’ll keep me distance.

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