Passion and Power – 04.14.01

Quote of the Day:
“Falling in and out of love is the toughest thing I have ever had to deal with (except the occasional thermodynamics problem).”
Shrew’s News (my old diary), 06.09.99

I have read books that have made me cry before but The Amber Spyglass was the first one that has made me sob. Last night I read the last eighty pages in one sitting because I couldn’t imagine waiting until the morning to finish the book. Despite my immense joy at some of the events in the story it didn’t end the way I would have liked. My eyes welled with tears about halfway through the last chapter and I found myself sobbing soon after. I don’t want to give away the ending for my dad since I am passing the trilogy off to him today so I will say no more. This wasn’t the kind of book you can finish, slam the back cover shut, and set aside with a sigh of contentment knowing that it concluded the way it should have. When I read the final words, my vision blurred with crying, I clutched the volume to my chest and wondered what happened next. What incredible power. My mind was so agitated by this story that I couldn’t fall asleep immediately last night due to the speculations that were running through my head. What had happened to Lyra (the main character) after that last paragraph? I remember finishing The Return of the King and feeling sad but satisfied by the outcome. It was late at night when I finished that book also but I went to sleep quickly and easily then. It was a different kind of power – one that makes you feel as if everything in the world is going to transpire just as it was planned. Last night I was lying awake wondering if the things that are meant to happen do occur but don’t always make everyone happy. I had to turn off my brain before I could go to sleep. Such thoughts bring out the philosopher in each of us and that state of mind isn’t conducive to easy slumber. Sometimes I form such emotional attachments to fictional characters that I worry about how they lived when the written story ended. I can see myself in their nature. I can sympathize with their feelings. I can wish I was there beside them to offer my help. Is this crazy? I don’t think so. Sometimes the world that we live in isn’t the most exciting one you can find, as Lyra discovered, and you need to go searching for one that will make you feel like no matter what happens you will always have a friend to turn to – even if he or she only exists on paper.

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