A Look Ahead – 04.16.01

My schedule for the week:

Monday, April 16
1) Alpha Chi Omega chapter meeting after dinner

Tuesday, April 17
1) Experimental lab report 5 and prelab 6 due
2) Tonya’s birthday table at dinner
3) Senior wills and prophesies at dinner

Wednesday, April 18
1) Finite Element Methods exam

Thursday, April 19
1) Mod SQUAD trip to Kennedy Space Center (all day)
2) Shuttle launch at 2:30 PM

Friday, April 20
1) Aerospace department undergraduate paper conference (all day)
2) Aerospace department banquet

Besides these important events that are taking place this week I have many other small things to do in preparation for the end of the semester. I have two major projects due before final exam week plus the actual tests to study for. Last week my last final exam was made optional so there is a possibility that the semester will end a few days early for me. That would be great considering how much packing, scheduling, and arranging I have to do by May 4. Moving out of the room I have occupied for the past two years is no simple task and relocating to California isn’t any easier. So I am going to spend any free time this week crossing things off my to do list.

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