First Day Back – 01.08.02

Quote of the Day:
“I guess school is just a pain in the butt and that’s the end of it (no pun intended).”
Shrew’s News, 11.16.99

The people in Gainesville, FL who don’t own ice scrapers, and I’m guessing that’s just about everyone, probably wished they did this morning. I got out of bed at 7:15 AM this morning and turned on the Weather Channel to see what it was like outside. My current room can get deceptively warm when the sun is shining through the windows, no matter how cold it is outside, so I wasn’t going to rely wholly on my clock thermometer. The last thing I expected, however, was to be informed that it was 26 degrees! There are no sweaters in my wardrobe so a long-sleeve shirt, fleece jacket, and Wal-Mart mittens (two pair for a $1.50) had to suffice. While most of my body was toasty walking to class in this attire my ears were hurting from the cold. The temperature got to about 55 degrees later in the day – colder than average for Gainesville, but not too bad considering the frigid start.

Going back to class at UF is strange after being gone since last May. The first thing I remembered was to be mindful of protected turns when I am crossing the street. The next thing I remembered was how annoying it is when you just miss your chance to cross 13th Street and you have to wait through another cycle of the traffic light. Besides the position of head coach of the football team, not much has changed on campus in the past nine months. The Reitz Union is still under construction, the bookstores overcharge for textbooks, and parking is atrocious. However, besides all of the face I don’t recognize, our sorority house has a new look. After finding some extra money in the budget last year (2001) our dining room has been redecorated, some of the bedrooms have been fixed up, and Ethernet has been installed. When I walked into the dining room to eat my breakfast this morning it was like being in an entirely different house. I am starting to feel this way about all aspects of the house. After five years here it’s definitely time for me to move on. The Gamma Iota chapter of Alpha Chi Omega isn’t the same as when I first joined and I feel like it’s time for me to leave it to the new sisters. Until then I am going to have to remember that I don’t live in the same room as before (I keep trying to go there instead of to my new room) and that the back hall shower floods ever time you use it!

I only had two hours of class today – biology (the only class I need to graduate) and the “hard” linear algebra class. As far as I can tell the “hard” linear algebra is not for me. The professor told us that we will be “thinking about linear algebra all the time” and that doesn’t exactly appeal to me. Tomorrow I will be going to the “easy” linear algebra class and I’ll see if that fare will be more palatable. Too bad I have six hours of class tomorrow when it’s my birthday.

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