Thoughts on a Sunday – 04.07.02

Quote of the Day:
“I love X-Files too. I hope we get to see it again.”
“Independence Day” (after the aliens are spotted)

While I was at Best Buy yesterday looking for a present, I wandered through the small selection of videos and found “Independence Day” for $6.99. Although it wasn’t the widescreen version, which I have on my wish list, I knew I would never be able to find the movie that cheap again so I bought it. Last night was probably the first time I had seen “Independence Day” since it was released in 1996 and I had forgotten how great it was. At times I was actually so spellbound by the fight against alien invaders that I found my mouth was hanging open. I got chills from Bill Pullman’s “today we declare our independence” speech just like when I saw it in the theater. Not that “Independence Day” was a gleaming example of movie brilliance, but it captivated me. That’s not too impressive considering that I am one of the gullible moviegoers that the industry loves. I have discovered that my thought processes are very shallow during a movie and I am easily taken in by a good show.

Yesterday at about 11 AM Amy got a phone call and we found out some horrible news. Carolina Madiedo, one of our sorority sisters, was killed in a car accident on Friday night. Another sister was also in the car and she is still in the hospital in Orlando. The news came suddenly and the house wasn’t a very comfortable place to be yesterday. Being around my sisters who had known Carolina well was difficult for me since I didn’t think I had even met her. I looked at the composite in the foyer that displays a picture of each sister but I didn’t recognize the face with Carolina’s name printed underneath. With almost 150 sisters in our house, and my poor retention of names and faces, I never manage to get to know everyone in a pledge class before the next one arrives. Anyway, the prevalent mood here was somber yesterday. Whether or not I had ever met Carolina I felt depressed because everyone else was.

I’m sure that was one reason I had a nightmare. I went to sleep feeling cranky and still depressed but I woke up this morning feeling worse. Have you ever thought about how you would react to a horrible situation? At times I think about how I would handle something if it happened, but I never knew exactly how I would feel until I had a particular dream last night. I hope I never have to go through that experience in reality because it made me crazy. Although it was just going on in my head, my body was reacting as if the events were real. I opened my eyes as the emotions took effect but I wasn’t ready for the nightmare to be over. Wanting to know how the situation would be resolved made me close my eyes again and try to continue the vision. But it was gone. And without the ending that I craved. After I resolved that the dream was completely over my first thought was, “Now I know how I would react if that happened.” I consider that knowledge to be priceless but it was not easy to come by. Even after most of the nightmare has faded from my memory I am still haunted by the way it made me feel.

Less than one month until graduation. While I was at home last weekend I prepared all of my graduation announcements and my parents dropped them in the mail a few days ago. I can pick up my cap and gown at the bookstore starting April 22 and my last week of final exams at the University of Florida ends May 3. My parents are coming to Gainesville three out of the next four weekends. One is because Gainesville is on the way home from a tennis tournament (April 13), one is for a Women’s Chorale performance (April 19), and one is for graduation (May 4). With all of the packing I have to do before I leave for California (May 15) I wish I could spend one of those weekends in Tallahassee instead of here. In four weeks I will be a college graduate. Too bad I won’t get my degree in the mail until six weeks later.

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