My Senior Will – 04.16.02

This is the written version of my Alpha Chi Omega senior will that I presented at dinner tonight. Of course I didn’t read it word for word, but you can get the basic idea this way.

When I thought about presenting my senior will I realized that a lot of people would be listening. Probably the only other time I have addressed the entire chapter was when I was the warden last spring. And then it was mostly just yelling. But that comes with the territory. To make sure that that isn’t the only thing I am remembered for, I have a few gifts for my sisters who have meant so much to me.

About three years I ago I bought a cake at Publix for my little sister Katherine’s birthday table. A plastic cake cutter accompanied it. This was after I got an ice cream cake for Liz Lebruto, another family member, and broke the cake cutter I had trying to cut it while it was still frozen. So the cake cutter was brand new for Katherine’s birthday table that year and it has served our family well ever since. The last thing I want to do is diminish the importance of this cake cutter throughout the years, but we can’t expect it to last forever. So I am leaving a new, and somewhat sturdier, cake cutter to my remaining family members (Melissa, Catherine, and Tonya) for use at birthday tables in the future.

A couple of weeks into the spring semester my roommate Amy discovered “Little Women.” I would come home to find her, curled up in a blanket, watching it very intently. She has probably seen the movie ten times during the semester and is always asking to borrow my video for another viewing. Just after her birthday I realized that the perfect gift for her would have been “Little Women” on DVD. I realized that senior wills were coming up soon so I saved the present for this occasion. We won’t be roommates for much longer so I don’t want her to be without “Little Women” when my video collection is no longer at her disposal. Actually, I already gave her the DVD because I didn’t think she would be here tonight but the sentiment is still the same – something to remember me by.

When I was considering my senior will I thought of a gift that more than one sister would appreciate. This morning I put a brand new bath mat in the Suite 5 bathroom as a parting gift from me. I wrote “Suite 5” on the bottom in permanent to make sure everyone knows where it was intended to stay. A clean, dry bathmat is nice under your feet after a shower. Remember girls, it’s machine washable so do your part in keeping it clean and dry by putting it in the wash when you get a chance.

So after five years I only have three tangible gifts that I wanted to pass on. My intention was to leave a small legacy so that my presence here won’t be totally forgotten, but I want to keep everything else for myself.

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