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OK, so it isn't what I hoped it would be but there is a new diary entry (link above) available for viewing. Don't expect much and maybe it will be somewhat informative. When literary urges allow I will provide a more detailed account of my recent activities.
8/30/2000 03:33:06 PM

Life is hectic. I give no more promises as to upcoming diary entries but please know that I am doing my best to have something available soon.
8/29/2000 03:41:38 PM

The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega just finished our last Rush activity. Tomorrow is Bid Day and we will have as many as sixty-one (quota) new members on our front lawn in the afternoon. This is all very exciting. I must apologize for the lack of a diary entry in the past few days - Rush and classes have been getting in the way of that outlet. Let's hope that changes in the future.
8/27/2000 12:27:58 AM

The first day of fall class went pretty well today. I am going to try and write a diary entry very soon but there will be a notice when I actually post it on my webpage. Too bad I started reading The Hobbit this afternoon and that's all I want to do!
8/23/2000 08:33:00 PM

I'm back in Gainesville now and in the middle of unpacking my stuff. I can't believe I have to be in class tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Bummer. A minute ago I posted the one diary entry (link above) I wrote during my trip back to Florida. The rest of the trip was not noteworthy enough to warrant discussion. Now that I am back to the familiarity of UF we'll see what turn my life takes.
8/22/2000 05:43:00 PM

LEAVING CALIFORNIA TOMORROW. (And check out my diary blurb on the subject too.)
8/16/2000 03:18:26 AM

My last day of work has finally come. I arrived at Boeing at 6:30 AM this morning and I will leave at 3:30 PM. Say farewell to the summer because I will be in class one week from tomorrow!
8/15/2000 09:51:44 AM

Today is the start of the Democratic National Convention at the Staples Center here in Los Angeles. President Clinton will be speaking tonight and Rage Against the Machine, the band, is planning to play a concert outside the convention at the same time. That'll be interesting. Oh yeah, I posted a new diary entry (link above) last night. Sorry it took so long for me to write one.
8/14/2000 09:58:50 AM

I am at work on this Saturday morning. At 9:30 AM I am leaving for a tour of the Boeing Palmdale facility where one of the orbiters is housed for the time being. I only have two more days of work before I drive back to Florida. Let's hope they turn out well.
8/12/2000 11:54:42 AM

Today is the last day our apartment will be full. Rebecca is leaving tonight so that leaves only three of us for the rest of our time here and I am leaving next Wednesday. I have four days of work remaining, including today. The summer is almost over.
8/10/2000 11:30:53 AM

The Russian International Space Station (ISS) Progress module is scheduled to dock with the rest of the orbiting ISS today at 1:14 PM PDT for those on the West Coast. It is carrying food and supplies for the first permanent crew, scheduled to arrive sometime in November.
8/8/2000 10:02:13 AM

A new diary entry is now available (link above). I regret that there isn't much interesting news from the past week but you can read my thoughts on it there nevertheless.
8/6/2000 02:15:34 AM

I would like to congratulate the Lincoln High School (my alma mater) Mu Alpha Theta team for their second place scrapbook at the annual National Convention. I was unaware that the event was taking place in San Deigo, not far from where I am, or I might have paid them a visit.
8/3/2000 12:53:54 AM

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