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So the scheduled "Sunday update" has turned into a Tuesday phenomena. That's just the way it goes, I guess. Go check out my (not so) exciting activities for the last seven days in the most recent diary (link above) update.
9/26/2000 08:58:41 PM

I had to voice my opinion on The Lord of the Rings in my latest diary entry (link above). I love this stuff!
9/19/2000 09:45:18 PM

So Hurricane Gordon (now a tropical storm) just managed to ruin the weekend. It couldn't hang on long enough to get us a day off of school. Actually that's a good thing because my IPPD group has an important deliverable due tomorrow (I just finished it).
9/17/2000 10:50:09 PM

Amazingly, another diary (link above) entry is now available. Read about the past month in one convenient wrap-up!
9/16/2000 11:52:43 PM

Tropical Storm Gordon looks like he will be making an appearance in Gainesville sometime within the next 48 hours. I think I have enough food, flashlights, and batteries already and my parents are bringing my radio today since they are visiting me for the weekend. We'll have to wait and see how this situation turns out.
9/16/2000 12:06:16 PM

My weekly schedule can now be viewed as the most recent entry in my diary (link above).
9/16/2000 12:04:20 PM

This non-updating habit that I have gotten into is ridiculous. I decided that I need to start a more structured update schedule for the diary (link above). From now on I will be posting a regular Sunday entry for the past week's news. That will be the only weekly entry you can count on, though, looking at how my semester is turning out!
9/13/2000 03:27:50 PM

I am spending the Labor Day weekend at home in Tallahassee. The upside to this arrangement is being able to spend time with my family and they buy me cool stuff like a VCR! The downside comes into play when I slack off on my homework duties. I am already nervous about the coming school week. I am going to the Kenndey Space Center with my IPPD group on Tuesday so I will miss my classes that day. Missing classes is almost always bad. We'll see how it works out this time.
9/4/2000 12:12:07 AM

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