The Drawing Board

It's amazing! Diary entries really can come more than once a week. I thought I should mention something about the coincidence of Alpha Chi Omega initiation and Friday the 13th. Funny, huh?
10/13/2000 04:38:47 PM

The Tuesday update strikes again. I have had a busy week but I found that it didn't lend itself to very interesting reading, however. Just know that I spent a total of 32 hours on my IPPD project last week and maybe you will understand why. Go check out the new diary entry. Please?
10/11/2000 12:51:53 AM

So my Tuesday update is a day late. Check out the new diary (link above) writings anyway.
10/4/2000 11:29:30 PM

I am having trouble with the FTP to Crosswinds so this entry and the last may be somewhat delayed. Nothing has been going on so you haven't missed anything during the updates blackout. Maybe that will change soon.
10/1/2000 04:59:15 PM

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