"Everybody sees what
you appear to be,
but few feel what you are."

Niccolo Machiavelli,
The Prince


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What You Appear to Be
Lauren Christine Gleason

According to Machiavelli (see the applicable quote to the left) a person can be seen as one of two things: "what you appear to be" and "what you are." My purpose, when you visit this webpage, is to show you both aspects of myself. Consider this webpage as a mental notebook for all of my thoughts and discoveries that do not require prose to explain. (Times listed are in EST.)

I am going home to Tallahassee this evening and I will spend the weekend there with my family. I just posted a new diary entry reminiscing about my love for the city where I was born. It is such a part of me. Go and read about it.
10/27/2000 01:05:41 PM

I won my elections last night so I am officially the Alpha Chi Omega warden (ritual chair) and songleader for the spring and fall 2001 semesters. So many people congratulated me that I am convinced that everone wanted me to win. I guess that's why I did.
10/24/2000 08:57:07 PM

A new diary entry is now available. Go read about the odd things that have been happening in my life recently, including the fascinating topic my health.
10/23/2000 12:25:38 PM

In case you hadn't checked yet I posted a new diary entry yesterday (Friday the Thirteenth). Click on the "Writings" link on the left to visit my internet diary. Right now I am going to bed.
10/15/2000 02:00:54 AM

Since I have been having so much trouble FTPing my updates to a Crosswinds account, and since that host has decided to add pop-up advertising (yuck), I have chosen to try and set up my news page on my regular homepage server. Let's hope that this venture is successful.
10/14/2000 11:48:26 AM