"Everybody sees what
you appear to be,
but few feel what you are."

Niccolo Machiavelli,
The Prince


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What You Appear to Be
Lauren Christine Gleason

According to Machiavelli (see the applicable quote to the left) a person can be seen as one of two things: "what you appear to be" and "what you are." My purpose, when you visit this webpage, is to show you both aspects of myself. Consider this webpage as a mental notebook for all of my thoughts and discoveries that do not require prose to explain. (Times listed are in EST.)

Wondering why I have been MIA for the past week and a half? Wonder no more - go and read why in my latest diary entry. (I am watching "Days of Our Lives" right now and this Garden of Eden stuff is really ridiculous. What did I expect from the soap opera that introduced devil possession into the mix?)
11/29/2000 01:02:32 PM

Another week in my life has gone by. Too bad I don't have very much to show for it! I took a break from my homework tonight to write this diary entry so please go and read it. It will make me happy to know that the stuff I write does get read every once in awhile.
11/18/2000 07:12:22 PM

As a tribute to my ultimate slackness this afternoon I have produced another diary entry for review. Homework just seems so unappealing right now. I hope that soon a sense of urgency will come along and make me start working again.
11/10/2000 04:12:26 PM

A new diary entry is now available. This time you get to read about my daily woes but with a good outcome.
11/8/2000 01:20:50 AM

You assume that people only get deeply reminiscent when they are old but that is not always the case. Recently I have found myself mulling over the smaller details of life that I realize are so pivotal it creating this world that I live in. The diary entry that I just posted shows a little of this tendency.
11/3/2000 11:44:35 PM