"Everybody sees what
you appear to be,
but few feel what you are."

Niccolo Machiavelli,
The Prince


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What You Appear to Be
Lauren Christine Gleason

According to Machiavelli (see the applicable quote to the left) a person can be seen as one of two things: "what you appear to be" and "what you are." My purpose, when you visit this webpage, is to show you both aspects of myself. Consider this webpage as a mental notebook for all of my thoughts and discoveries that do not require prose to explain. (Times listed are in EST.)

Want to hear a story? Want to hear me talk about stories? Then you will enjoy my new diary entry.
4/29/2001 12:41:27 AM

As school activity winds down other sectors of my life begin to be more important. Want to know more? Check out my latest diary entry.
4/28/2001 01:14:18 AM

So I wrote more about my inner dialogue than the events of the week but that has always been my goal for my diary anyway. I did mention a bit about what I have been up to and my obligations for the week to come. Don't expect to hear from me again until next weekend - go read and you'll see why.
4/21/2001 08:36:37 PM

It's not that I don't have any news. This week has been insanely busy. I will have an update sometime this weekend, I promise. Until then I have some homework (a truckload) that needs my attention.
4/21/2001 11:21:32 AM

I am trying to exhaust the literary side of my brain by writing as much as possible in a short time span. This morning when I woke up I just needed to write about my feelings and I am very proud of the outcome. Please go and read my newest entry - it is one of those times that I found the words to say exactly what I wanted to. That doesn't happen too often.
4/14/2001 10:48:39 PM

I finally saw the Harry Potter movie trailer! Pure exhilaration! It was on PBS for some reason and I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen until it was over (and even a little after that).
4/13/2001 11:39:08 PM

I just posted a very lengthy diary entry. I had some pretty profound thoughts today and I was lucky enough to remeber them to write them down. Also check out the two quotes from Dr. Segal I posted below. Somethimes he is hillarious without even trying.
4/13/2001 10:07:56 PM

Quotes from Propulsion (EAS 4300):
1) "Where does antimatter come from?" Thomas Bean
"I think you can get it at Publix." Dr. Segal
2) "The Saturn V doesn't have the same lamdas for the stages." Andrew Maurice
"That's because it's a lousy rocket." Dr. Segal
4/13/2001 10:05:45 PM

This week is crazy. It seems the end of the semester is trying to come before it is scheduled to. Tomorrow morning is our final IPPD presentation so that should be stressful. I will write about the week for my diary when it is over. Right now I am going to pick up some anti-matter at Publix (explanation to follow)!
4/10/2001 09:14:13 PM

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K - uh, I mean, around here. Any "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" fans out there? One of my favorite movies. Anyway, go and read about the odd happenings in my life.
4/7/2001 11:56:31 PM

I went a little crazy today. I bought the third book of the Philip Pullman trilogy that I am into even though it is only available in hardback. I also got some more clothes at the mall. It had to be done, I suppose. I love new things!
4/6/2001 10:06:07 PM

If you thought I had exhausted all of my writing topics for the week you were wrong! TV has been the thing on my mind when I am typing recently so I wrote a little more about that tonight. I also added the imood.com mood indicator to my page again.
4/5/2001 11:07:11 PM

A mid-week diary entry is now available. It consists of several varying topics that popped into my head while I was typing.
4/4/2001 09:23:44 PM

I am mad at the world right now. Poor Donald and Irene have had to listen to my ranting and raving today and I really appreciate them for it. I am just completely frustrated with everything and anger is my way of venting the initial emotional buildup. I am trying to think of happy things instead of annoying ones but that only works for a few minutes at a time. Let's hope I can calm down before I scream at someone. Well, time to go to my IPPD meeting! (This could get ugly.)
4/3/2001 05:32:44 PM

To make myself feel better I wrote another diary entry of a higher caliber than the one from yesterday. Go read and judge for yourself.
4/2/2001 03:47:23 AM

I posted a new diary entry but I am not too happy with it. I hate writing a lot of boring and depressing things about my life so I try to include some more interesting information along with it. Wanna know what I saw on SNL tonight? Find out in my new entry!
4/1/2001 12:32:04 AM