"Everybody sees what
you appear to be,
but few feel what you are."

Niccolo Machiavelli,
The Prince


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What You Appear to Be
Lauren Christine Gleason

According to Machiavelli (see the applicable quote to the left) a person can be seen as one of two things: "what you appear to be" and "what you are." My purpose, when you visit this webpage, is to show you both aspects of myself. Consider this webpage as a mental notebook for all of my thoughts and discoveries that do not require prose to explain. (Times listed are in EST.)

Last summer in California I posted new entries in my diary every few days. I have a feeling things are going to be different this time around. One day (hopefully soon) I will get around to writing about my incredible weekend.
6/27/2001 01:03:14 AM

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction... (And a whole lot more fun too!)
6/23/2001 01:05:46 AM

Yesterday I wrote a diary entry about the most complicated of all emotions - love. If you thought I'd bared my soul before you ain't seen nothin' yet.
6/21/2001 11:21:57 PM

Happy birthday to my little brother Kenneth! He turned nineteen today.
6/19/2001 03:55:36 PM

Reading my old poetry should be done with caution (especially when I am the reader). I posted one old work, an edited version of it at least, in my diary this morning for public scrutiny. I might reproduce some more poems if I can find them and they aren't too embarrassing!
6/15/2001 11:04:27 AM

California is ranked the 10th largest global economy and Los Angeles is the 17th, according to a nonprofit organization's study. I just heard this on the radio and I can't believe either one was even considered. At least the LA Laker's won last night (101-86) and everyone is happy.
6/14/2001 10:12:05 AM

I love NPR. Listening to it all day is no problem except when one event takes over all the programming. Let's just say that I have heard enough about Timothy McVeigh to last a lifetime.
6/12/2001 11:03:25 AM

I wrote another something for my diary last night and posted it a few minutes ago. It's short but I wrote about something I have been thinking about lately. And now back to enjoying my lazy Sunday afternoon.
6/10/2001 04:03:20 PM

Funny quote:
" 'Neets,' Dairine said. 'Level with me. By any chance...are you on the rag?' "
The Wizard's Dilemma

(Also, I just posted a new diary entry so go check it out. It has some more great quotes but from ME this time!)
6/10/2001 12:43:38 AM

It's Friday! Hearing that Jeb Bush will seek another term as governor didn't make the day any better, though. At least I'll be able to vote AGAINST him next year.
6/8/2001 03:18:24 PM

I never realized how empty my webpage is! I apologize for all of the broken links and missing sections. My first order of business concerning this problem is to post all of my old college class schedules for the last four years. I just found the files so we'll see how it goes.
6/7/2001 05:51:06 PM

A new entry? Unthinkable. I complained about money a lot but at least it's something different. Be on the lookout for another entry I am planning to post tonight - if my roommates aren't on the phone.
6/7/2001 02:06:21 PM

It's not worth it to get to work before 7 AM with the California energy crisis going on - the lights don't get turned on until then! I am still trying to finish writing about the trip and get on to what has happened in my first week and a half of work. Give me some more time.
6/6/2001 10:44:52 AM

One of my goals for the weekend is to finish writing about my trip. I just posted a new segment all about the sights we saw in California - some of the most beautiful of the trip. There are a couple more topics to describe before I will be satisfied with the account and then maybe I will be able to write about more current matters. Wish me luck!
6/3/2001 12:23:22 AM

No I haven't disappeared into thin air. I have been busy at work this week and when I get home all I want to do is relax, so that's why my webpage has been suffering. This weekend I plan to write more about the trip across the country and some other things for my diary so be on the lookout. For now I am reading about propulsion systems to keep myself busy.
6/1/2001 05:01:39 PM