"Everybody sees what
you appear to be,
but few feel what you are."

Niccolo Machiavelli,
The Prince


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What You Appear to Be
Lauren Christine Gleason

According to Machiavelli (see the applicable quote to the left) a person can be seen as one of two things: "what you appear to be" and "what you are." My purpose, when you visit this webpage, is to show you both aspects of myself. Consider this webpage as a mental notebook for all of my thoughts and discoveries that do not require prose to explain. (Times listed are in EST.)

I just posted three new pictures from last weekend at the Long Beach Marina on the Summer 2001 Pictures page. Now you can see what my sweetie, Dan, looks like. I also posted something new in my diary that involves pictures...
7/28/2001 09:57:06 PM

It's the weekend again, and you know what that means... More webpage updates are on the way! I'll post what they are as soon as they actually happen. Right now, however, I have to run the weekly errands.
7/28/2001 01:47:46 PM

I overhauled the cast of characters on my diary site. I didn't realize how out of date it was. Now it reflects certain changes that have happened recently in my life.
7/22/2001 01:47:29 AM

At the moment life couldn't be better. I guess you can blame my lack of diary entries on that because I have other things to think about than my webpage. Speaking of my webpage, I got great feedback on it by a very special person recently. That makes me feel good.
7/21/2001 09:53:02 PM

The new diary entry has now been posted. I have had a productive (or boring) afternoon!
7/8/2001 07:40:27 PM

A lull in the activity in my apartment has allowed me to post the Summer 2001 picture page. It only has two photos right now but they both look great. I am also working on a new diary entry so change is in the air in my little corner of the web.
7/8/2001 06:42:37 PM

Another three pictures have been posted on the Trip 2001 webpage with the others. I am working on the Summer 2001 page and it will be ready soon. What I really need to spice things up is a picture of the new guy in my life. *grin*
7/8/2001 05:07:29 PM

I finally got around to posting six pictures from my trip out to California in May. Hopefully this constitutes as not ignoring my webpage as I have been recently. I have several other pictures to post - a few more from the cross country trip and others from last weekend in Monterey - so be on the lookout for those.
7/7/2001 03:29:48 PM