Another Turn (of the Grindstone) – 6/2/99

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I realize that my last entry had very little to do with the title I gave it. I meant to talk about how it was hard to go back to class after a really long weekend and that I have a wonderful Marriage and Family test on Thursday. I can’t say that I have been studying diligently for the test tomorrow, but there doesn’t seem to be that much material to study! Do you know what a “nuclear family” is? That’s about the most complicated thing I have to remember. Just watch the test be really complicated and I won’t be prepared. It would be my luck.

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful boyfriend? I think so – probably many times! Anyway he is the best. I really should stop telling him when I am going to be studying in the Reitz Union food court during lunch, but I do love for him to join me. If only I didn’t get so scared when he sneaks up on me! I am very grateful to have him around this summer. I would be lost otherwise. Too bad I have to go back to Tallahassee in less than three weeks for the remaining part of the summer. I will miss him!

My mom is worried that since I have Stuart here in Gainesville I won’t want to go to Tallahassee as often. I think she was right. I used to have a boyfriend at home and that was my major motivation for driving there on the weekends. Now I would rather stay here, not because I don’t miss my family and old friends (I do quite often), but because I am more at home in Gainesville. During the regular school year I have my sisters around, people to talk to, stuff to do, and many tests to study for. Add to that the fact that Tallahassee is a pretty boring place to be! Anyone who has lived there for any length of time could tell you that. I was born and raised there so I know! Granted it is a college town, but not the glorified college town that is Gainesville.

I have something to add to yesterday’s rantings and ravings. Almost as soon as I got back from my nightly walk Stuart called. Guess what he was planning to do tonight? If you guess “watch the movie he was going to watch last night,” you win! He said that I had enough time to shower before I went over there. I momentarily forgot about the test I have in the morning. About two seconds later that thought crossed my mind and I had to decline the offer. I know that this Marriage and Family test won’t take too much studying, but I need to devote some time to it. My life follows Murphy’s law, “every that can go wrong will go wrong.” Isn’t that encouraging? Well, uplifting or not, it is the honest truth.

Since I didn’t go watch the movie with Stuart tonight I should get off this computer and study for my test some more. Tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM I am going to need the knowledge on those flashcards that are, at this moment, carelessly thrown on my bed. Back to that proverbial grindstone. Do you know what “role-segregation” is?