The Weekend to Live – 6/4/99

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Guess what? I have the weekend to live (hence the name of today’s entry). Dr. Hatch, my History of Science professor, hasn’t finished grading our midterm essays yet so I can relax for a few days until Monday. At that point I can get tense again, but “I’ll worry about that tomorrow.” (A little Scarlett O’Hara for you guys.) Actually I will have a lot to worry about tomorrow since I am way behind in the reading for that very class. My weekend is already turning out to be a dud, but I won’t let it end up that way. I will relate my success (or lack of it) in carrying out that statement on Sunday.

By the way, the Marriage and Family test yesterday was pretty tricky. Susan, our teacher (she insists that we call her by her first name), said that all of questions would be straightforward and conceptual rather than too specific. Well she lied! A few of the questions I remember reading about when I read the textbook, but they dealt with numbers that I was told we didn’t have to know. Other questions were ambiguous and seemed to have more than one answer. No was happy with the test, but we don’t know our scores yet. Hopefully everyone messed up so there can be a scoring curve. If I don’t get an A in this class I am going to be mighty upset. And to think I declined an offer to be with my boyfriend to study for that stupid test. I would have been better off reading all of the textbook chapters over again rather than study my homemade flashcards. I’ll remember that for our next (and last) test.

Last night I went to Steak & Shake with Stuart and his roommates, Howie and Matt. Chris, his other roommate is home for the weekend. When Stu called about going there I was excited because for some reason I had a craving for a vanilla milkshake. The reason the guys wanted to eat there was because their friend, Brittany, works there. The poor girl had these guys watching her work and they got to witness her spilling a milkshake on another customer. She did give me my milkshake for free, though, so that was really nice of her. I asked her for my check twice before she said that effectively there was never any milkshake in front of me. It pays to be nice (if that’s the reason my shake was given for free). My grandma told me that in an email the other day. Her exact words were, “Keli was our waitress and when she brought the pie announced that it was on the house because we were so nice. So it pays to be nice, but it also puts on pounds on grandmothers.” Isn’t that funny?

Tonight I had the pleasure of eating pizza, going grocery shopping, and watching my copy of “The Three Musketeers” with Stuart. It was nice. Since he has to leave at 6:30 AM in the morning to go hang gliding we didn’t go see the late movie we originally planed to go to. Watching the movie here in my dorm was easier, much cheaper, and it ended earlier.

Speaking of “earlier,” I probably should be going to bed soon. I need to get up early and go shopping for a birthday present for my brother. I have no idea what to get him. He is turning seventeen on June 19. Any suggestions? I never know what to get him for any occasion. I love my brother but all he wants his money this year, and I hate to just hand him a $20 bill. That seems so impersonal. Anyway, I am going to sleep now. Zzzz