A Disaster Day – 6/9/99

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My day started out much later than it should have this morning. As usual, my alarm clock went off at 8 AM. I have the clock on my dresser that is on the wall at the end of my bed. This requires me to sit up to crawl to the end of the bed to turn off the radio when it goes off. I thought this would help me get up in the morning, but I also set my alarm to go off thirty minutes before I have to start getting ready for class. This morning I turned off the radio and went back to sleep for over an hour. I woke up to Liesl slamming her bedroom door this morning at 9:05 AM. This is the time I usually leave for class so naturally I panicked! Everything seemed to be against me getting to class on time. The first problem was Brandy had left the TV on with the Weather Channel blaring after she left for her 8 AM class. This led Liesl to believe that I was the one watching it in the common area and that is why she didn’t wake me up this morning.

The first thing I did when I woke up was jump out of bed and start changing my clothes to go to class. A million things were running through my mind, mostly yelling at myself for sleeping in, but the most prominent was a question. “Is it really worth it?” I was wondering if I should be killing myself to get to Marriage and Family or whether I should just relax and miss class. At first this sounded like a good idea so I put back on my pajamas and went back to my bed. Less than a minute later I felt like a slacker so I decided I could make it to class and only be a few minutes late, at the most. So I scrambled out the door – no breakfast, no jewelry, no primping, only time to splash my face with cold water so I wouldn’t look like I was still asleep. My legs hurt after my fifteen-minute “walk” to class that was practically a run. As soon as I walked in the classroom door I was SO glad I had gone! We had an assignment that was due today and I hadn’t remembered about it until I got there. Don’t misunderstand, I had done the assignment, but I forgot that it was due today. I am such a moron.

I had my usual bowl of rice for dinner tonight around 5:30 PM while watching “Full House” on TV. Around 6 PM Stuart called and asked if I had eaten already. Dumb Lauren told him no! (And now I am talking about myself in the third person.) I guess that rice wasn’t very memorable because I realized that I had already eaten about two seconds later. Stu laughed a lot – I guess it was pretty funny. Anyway, he was making pancakes so I went over to his apartment and ate some. They were little burned due to the fact he was cooking them in a skillet, but they still tasted good. (Stu, are you reading this? They tasted good, sweetie. I won’t deny that.) I little discoloration never hurt a pancake. I wish I had been able to walk tonight, but by the time it stopped raining (it was sort of annoying drizzle, actually) it was too late to be out by myself. Oh well.

I am supposed to be finished with a book for History of Science tomorrow, so at least I need to get some more of it read by then. There’s no way I will be able to finish it. Dr. Hatch only gave us two days to read the entire book and it isn’t that short. Does he think we have nothing else to do with our time? I may not have a very busy social calendar, but almost anything is more important that reading The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. No offence, Tom, but I am not a complete recluse. However I do need to read some of that book, which is my reason for signing off now.