90’s guilty pleasure

“My heart is in my hands
My head is in the clouds
My feet have left the ground
My life is turning around and round
And every voice inside my head is telling me to run like mad
Oh bows and arrows, stars and sunsets
hey hey hey yeah, hey hey hey yeah
Every heartbeat, every kiss just
Makes me wonder what all this is
Suits of armor, hearts and arrows
Hey hey hey ye-eah!”

“Run Like Mad,” Jann Arden

“Ugh, why am I watching ‘Dawson’s Creek’ for the first time in ages? My intellectual level momentarily took a turn for the worst when I stopped channel surfing at the WB network. I think I am just trying to avoid the inevitable astrodynamics project that I should be working on.”
04/05/00 webpage post

I was in college when “Dawson’s Creek” premiered, but I didn’t start watching it then. Mostly because I didn’t have reliable access to a television until my junior year, but I also seem to remember wanting to avoid such a clich├ęd teenage drama. I was already basically living one myself! But when we got cable in our rooms in my sorority house and my roommate started watching it on her TV I was kind of stuck. And the wildly popular WB show was just as cheesy as I’d always feared. But that didn’t stop it from becoming my guilty pleasure! The relationship storyline was just too compelling! Who would Joey pick? Dawson or Pacey? Everyone had an opinion! It was just the kind of escapist television that I needed after a long day of classes, club meetings, seemingly endless homework, and sorority ridiculousness. One of my roommates even had a poster of Joshua Jackson on the ceiling above her bed!

But what I wanted to write about today is the “Dawson’s Creek” theme song. Earlier this week I was getting ready for work in the morning and I saw that “Dawson’s Creek” was on ABC Family. So of course I had to watch it for old times’ sake. And at the beginning of the episode I noticed something was different – the theme song! Everyone who ever watched even a single episode of the WB juggernaut back in the day knows that it was Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait” that heralded the beginning of an hour of teen angst. The show and the song were practically synonymous. But these days it’s been replaced by Jann Arden’s “Run Like Mad” in syndication (an on Netflix when the show was available for streaming). Apparently this was originally intended to be the opening credits song, but it was replaced at the last minute with something newer and more popular. It’s a shame because I actually love “Run Like Mad,” but it was never a full length song so I can’t buy it and put it on my running playlist. I guess I’ll just have to catch the 45 seconds of it that do exist on ABC Family reruns!