Labor Day

The last three days have been pretty crazy with the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend so I decided to spend the majority of Labor Day sitting on my couch. It feels a little strange to not have anything I absolutely need to do after the weekend’s packed agenda, but I’m enjoying a chance to relax before going back to work tomorrow. And for the third weekend in a row I’m trying to sort out all of the problems going on with my webpage. As far as I can tell, most of the issues were due to operator error (i.e., I caused them myself), but there are some underlying vulnerabilities that have to be dealt with at the server level. I’m still working on those. But in an attempt to keep things up and running in the meantime I started a new blog from scratch. Luckily all of the archives from my previous blog still exist so my old posts haven’t been wiped out. I’ll figure out a way to link to them from here so that the transition is as seamless as possible. So while the rest of the kinks are getting ironed out I’ll get back to work writing new posts. After three weeks I’m a little out of practice!