Less than a week

Less than a week is all that it took for me to be a NaBloPoMo failure this year. Oh well. I was on vacation so I knew it would be a challenge. November seems to be a generally crazy month every year. On Friday I simply posted a picture (although my mom and I look amazing in it!), and on Saturday and Sunday I was far to busy and far too tired to devote precious time to writing anything. I will endeavor to do better for the rest of the month! Right now I’m sitting in the Austin airport waiting for my flight to Long Beach. Although I had a wonderful time at Disney World I am looking forward to getting home this evening. Orlando was unseasonably hot this week, and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon was delayed and then shortened due to inclement weather. It was a bit of a mess! More on that in another post. But we still had fun. Even so, I can’t wait to get back to the fall weather that has finally started in Southern California. I might actually need to use my space heater tonight. After our scorching summer that will be a welcome change. I have so much going on this week. Besides trying to make up a few extra hours at work, I’m meeting friends at Disneyland for dinner tomorrow night, and then the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland will be here a few days afterwards. It might have been a blessing in disguise that the Wine & Dine Half Marathon was shortened because I’ll be running both a 10K and half marathon this weekend at Disneyland. Yikes! Even with all of these activities on my calendar, I still want to write as much as possible so I can document this Disney World vacation before it gets lost in my memories. (This will be New Year’s Resolution #4 in action!) I will probably get started on that during my flight to Long Beach. Free inflight wifi is great!