Thanksgiving Eve

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is traditionally a ghost town at work, and this year was no exception. The parking lot was practically deserted. Since I wasn’t working a full day, and since I knew there would be so few people around, I dressed more casually than usual. The high was only supposed to be in the low 60s so a sweatshirt seemed appropriate. (For a Californian, that is. Have I mentioned how happy I am that winter is here at last? It’s so wonderful after our long, hot summer.) This weather is going to make for a spectacular Thanksgiving weekend. I went to work early so I could leave at noon and run some errands. After checking tomorrow morning’s forecast for Oceanside I realized that I needed some arm warmers since it looks like the temperature is going to be in the 40s when the 10K starts. So I braved the pre-holiday traffic and drove to my favorite running store down in Fountain Valley after I left work. The freeway was a bit of a mess so I opted for surface streets. The errand took longer than I wanted, but I did get some arm warmers that I think will work nicely. They’ll clash with whatever I else I decide to wear, but I’ve never claimed to be a fashion plate! Especially not when running. After that I drove back home to finish packing my bag for my Thanksgiving trip. It’s only to Anaheim, but I had to prepare for the turkey trot tomorrow as well as a couple of days at Disneyland. Luckily that part of the day was a breeze. I checked in to my hotel, ordered spaghetti for dinner, and watched some Netflix to relax. I also got to watch the 6:30 PM Disneyland fireworks from my hotel room window! Not a bad deal. But now it’s time for bed. I won’t get much sleep until the 9:30 PM fireworks are over (holidays mean extra shows for the patrons), but I’ll be ready to pass out as soon as they’re over. I have to get up at 4 AM in order to make it to Oceanside in time tomorrow. My alarm is going to go off way too early. I’m really nervous about the 10K tomorrow, but hopefully I can get a good amount of restful sleep. I’m praying that adrenaline and the cold weather tomorrow carry me through the race all right. Fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how it goes!