Black Friday 2015

I’ve never been all that interested in shopping on Black Friday (especially not in a metropolis like Los Angeles), so I was intrigued when REI suggested the #OptOutside campaign. As an alternative to bowing to the altar of consumerism, REI proposed spending the day after Thanksgiving in the great outdoors instead. I certainly liked the idea. However, I already had plans for the day and they didn’t exactly involve hiking trails through national parks. But after careful consideration I decided that Disneyland still counts as outside! I knew I’d be spending money on food, and probably purchasing a pin or two to commemorate Thanksgiving, but I wouldn’t be participating in the pre-dawn rush of the Black Friday machine. That’s what counts, right?

I wanted to get to Disneyland before 8 AM so I got up early, checked out of my hotel, and walked over to the parks. A lot of new Star Wars attractions have opened there recently and I knew I’d need to be waiting at the gates before they opened to either get in line for or get Fast Passes for the most popular rides. My first stop was the new Hyperspace Mountain (Star Wars themed Space Mountain) for a Fast Pass. Before the Fast Pass became valid I hopped on a few other rides, including Small World Holiday, which had very short lines. I was meeting some friends later in the morning, but I was able to ride Hyperspace Mountain before they got there. It was awesome! The new Star Wars aspects of the ride are really cool. I caught up with my friends in Path of the Jedi, which is basically a really long trailer for “The Force Awakens” that’s preceded by a bunch of scenes from the previous six Star Wars movies. Of course it made me want to see the new movie immediately! I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends and their kids the rest of the day. I rode Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters with the 3 year-old, and was fortunately enough to get on Hyperspace Mountain for a second time with the 5 year-old. We also got great seats for the Christmas Fantasy Parade. I may have enjoyed that more than the kids! It was the perfect way to kick off my 2015 holiday season. I was supposed to stay at Disneyland for the Fantasmic! show at 9 PM, but by about 6:30 PM I knew I was just too exhausted to last that long. After dinner at River Belle Terrace I was struggling to stay awake while waiting in line for Haunted Mansion Holiday! It was time to go home. It was a great Black Friday. I got to go to Disneyland with some good friends and their adorable kids, and I got to experience a lot of great things. It might not have been as rustic as REI intended, but I feel like my day still honored the spirit of #OptOutside. Either way, it was the perfect day after Thanksgiving.