Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. When I was in college I used to get up early on Saturdays and watch the new episodes on the Sci-Fi Channel (now called SyFy) while my sorority sisters were sleeping off their hangovers. (This was when we had only two communal cable-equipped TVs in the house. The demand for screen time was basically nonexistent on weekend mornings.) I was so disappointed when MST3K was cancelled in 1999, but the reruns kept me laughing every weekend through graduation. The good news is that these days just about every episode is available on YouTube. There’s even a website that will tell you exactly where to find all of them – MST3K A Day. It certainly saves me a lot of money on DVDs! Not that I need to watch any more television than I already do, but sometimes only an episode of Mystery Science Theater is just what the doctor ordered.

On November 10th Joel Hodgson started a Kickstarter campaign called Bring Back MST3K. I discovered it a few days later and immediately made a small pledge. I had no idea if the project would get any traction, but I was willing to help out if there was any chance to get new episodes. Then on Thanksgiving as I was binge watching Mystery Science Theater online during the Turkey Day Marathon I saw just how popular the campaign was becoming. So many people love the show and want to see it return. So I decided that this year my Christmas present to myself was going to be contributing to the Bring Back MST3K Kickstarter. I increased my pledge quite a bit because what could be a better gift than new episodes of one of my favorite TV shows? Luckily a lot of other people felt the same way because as of the deadline last night the campaign raised more than enough money to fund 14 new episodes! It turned out to be more than $6 million. Wow! I’ll have to wait until sometime next year for Santa to deliver this particular present, but it will be worth the wait.