Christmas television

The first paragraph of this post was written while waiting to board my flight to Tallahassee on December 22nd, but my in-flight seating arrangements were so uncomfortable I never finished it during the many hours I spent on the plane. (Instead I read a book and watched Star Wars movies on my iPad.) And of course I was far too busy to crack open my laptop at all while I was in Florida for Christmas. Too many entertaining things to do instead! But now that I’m back home it’s time to start blogging again. 2016 will be here in a few days!

I have about a dozen different Christmas TV shows and movies on my DVR right now. I’d like to blame that backlog on the hectic nature of the holiday season, but the truth is that I’ve spent the majority of my screen time this month binge watching other things instead! A lot of shows have big winter finales in December and I wanted to catch up on all of my favorite series in time to see the mid-season finales before leaving town for Christmas. I have priorities, after all. (I didn’t say they were good priorities!) “Arrow” and “Once Upon A Time” were great, “Agents of SHIELD” was pretty good, and “Doctor Who” is always my main priority. So despite missing the initial airings of perennial Christmas specials I still watched a lot of TV while saving the seasonal content for future consumption. I plan to watch it when I get back from Florida next week. After all, the holidays aren’t over until I have to go back to work, and this year that isn’t until January 4th! As I walked out of my house on my way to the airport this morning I took one final look at my pretty little Christmas tree. It won’t be long before I’ll be putting it away for another year, and I’m going to need some uplifting programming to accompany that least favorite of all holiday activities.

Now that Christmas is over and I’m back in California with six glorious days before I have to go drag myself to work again, it’s time to start making a dent in the many hours of holiday television that are taking up space on my DVR. So far today I’ve watched quite a few Christmas episodes of “The Simpsons, “Family Guy,” and “Teen Titans Go!” It’s a lovely way to spend a cold Los Angeles day (at least compared to Florida right now) while I’m trying to unpack my suitcase and readjust to Pacific Time. I can’t say I’ve accomplished much else today, but at least I’ve free up DVR space for all of the spring premieres that are coming in January. Hooray! On second thought, maybe I should make a New Year’s Resolution to watch less TV instead. We’ll see!