Winter Dreams 1/4/16

The holidays may technically be over, but since Disneyland keeps the celebration going for a while after the New Year I didn’t let the season end without one last hurrah. The World of Color – Winter Dreams water show was going to end for the year on January 6th and I wanted to make sure to see it before then. So on Monday night I went to California Adventure after work. I had a dinner reservation at Carthay Circle in order to get a spot in a preferred viewing location for World of Color. Parking was a bit of a pain (the structure often becomes a free-for-all at night), and there were a bunch of other people trying to enjoy the last few days of the holidays, but it was actually a beautiful night at the parks. It wasn’t too cold due to some cloud cover (a rainstorm was on its way overnight) and the lingering Christmas lights were lovely. I had a really delicious dinner at Carthay Circle – winter squash minestrone, steak with sweet potatoes, and a peppermint dessert. It was amazing. (Not exactly the best meal to kick start my healthy New Year’s resolutions, but worth every bite.) World of Color was scheduled to start at 9 PM, but I got in line early so I would have a good spot to watch the show. The Kindle app on my phone is a lifesaver in these situations. An hour sitting on the cold concrete really flies when you’re reading a good book! The Carthay Circle viewing location isn’t right on the waterfront, but at least I got a spot on the closest railing so there wasn’t anyone standing directly in front of me. I went to see the regular World of Color show back in August and had a front row seat in the “splash zone” due to my dinner reservation at Wine Country Trattoria. That meal was much less enjoyable than Carthay Circle, but the viewing location was amazing. The version of World of Color I saw in August was just OK, but the Winter Dreams version this year was much better. No surprise there were a lot of songs from “Frozen,” but I’m a huge fan of the movie so that was fine by me. I can never get enough of “Let It Go.” I stayed up much later than I should have for a weeknight, but it was worth it to see World of Color – Winter Dreams.